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Thread: The Spy Who Got Left in the Cold

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    Well, it's been ages since I posted a mini here.... I only seem to paint when participating in the Iron Painter comp, so this is from there.

    I actually enjoyed painting and building this (which makes a change!). The figures are from Copplestone and everything else is scratch built from plasticard and filler plaster.

    Anyway the theme for the comp entry was 'Cloak & Dagger'. There's a bit of a description on the link below.

    Well, here it comes... here comes the sound... the sound of confusion

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    Looks very nice. The shadows are subtle and realistic. One thing that does stand out is the perfect poster which contrasts with the rest of the dirty building!

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    I thought about distressing the poster but thought it probably didn't make sense for it to be weather worn if it was advertising a current event. Obviously, the door and sign are always exposed to the imaginary elements, so weathering can be however you please.
    Well, here it comes... here comes the sound... the sound of confusion

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    Love the effect between the 2nd and 3rd picture. The shadows almost seem to shift on the guy's right cheek.

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    I think that's a real shadow from the lights
    Well, here it comes... here comes the sound... the sound of confusion

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    Really nice. I like the shadows on the left side that go to the light on the right side. The characters and the door are good painted and I really like the clean poster.

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    awesome stuff. love the little story too!

    i have to say i would prefer the poster to be a little more distressed. it only takes one rainy night to leave one looking like crap.

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    Thumbs up

    Lovely atmosphere. Congrats. And yeah ... I´m for a bit distressed poster too, doesn't fit well with scene for me.

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    As a mid-way for the poster, how about just a couple of dribbles of paste coming out from the bottom edge. Sell the idea that it has only recently been stuck up? Nice work Beelzebrush

    Can't help thinking of the Lee Perry "Cloak & Dagger" album, cover art link if interested

    Cheers, B.
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    well i don't want to see the poster knackered but just maybe rolled up at the edges a a tad

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    Okay... the pressure was too much.... I've distressed the poster a bit and quite like it. I still don't think it makes sense to have a knackered poster advertising something current but what do I know . I also fiddled about with a couple of other bits but only very slightly.

    Well, here it comes... here comes the sound... the sound of confusion

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    Thumbs up

    Heh, I´m not sure if you didn't blurry the poster to much on sides (spank me for heretism ) - but it surely works better with scene and doesn't lure viewer eye directly like previous version.

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    I gotta agree, the over all look is beter with the poster being distressed. And besides, who said the poster had to be for THIS friday. Alot of posters liek that are left up even after the event is over.

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    nice one, i think you have it just right there

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    I have to agree that the poster looks a lot better with the weathering. It would have looked perfect after being put up, but with the ambient nightlife hanging around the club, the poster would be picked at, ripped etc so I'm thinking it's spot on.

    I like the little scene and the doggy steals the show Nice work hope you did well in the comp

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    Speaking as someone who used to do a lot of flyposting, it takes next to no time for posters to end up looking like that

    Top stuff

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    I'm digging the hound especially

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverend View Post
    I'm digging the hound especially
    I'm with Rev, the Airedale takes it.

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    this has got to be one of my favorite dioramas ive ever seen.

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    i didn't see the 1st version but this one works very well.
    good job !!!

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