Alien Commander + Dead Human Trooper, 54mm
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Thread: Alien Commander + Dead Human Trooper, 54mm

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    Default Alien Commander + Dead Human Trooper, 54mm

    Finally, after more than two years of modifying the original figure, this is how it turned to. It's the first mini I ever sculpted from point zero, so it's a pleasure to have the final version in my hands now. At the end I sculpted a dead body as a complement to use in the base.

    The 'Alien commander' is 56mm tall, 54mm to the eyes, 1:32 scale, so it's suitable for use in Inquisitor game, or just for display. 'Dead human trooper' is sculpted to fit that scale too, but they are independent miniatures from one another.

    Maybe 'Alien Commander' could be used as a statue in scenography works for the regular wargame 30mm miniatures.

    'Alien commander' mini and 'Dead human trooper' are casted in high quality white metal. Any progress made on this will be posted here.

    Cheers from Spain.

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    Thumbs up

    Really nice work mate! So is it interchangable between the sword and the gun? If so that is pretty freakin cool. The only thing I spotted is that to back of the left arm looks unfinished, like the cloth isn't blended in with the rest of the sculpt. Otherwise I'm well impressed! 9/10! (10 with the arm fixed)

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    Nice piece of sculpting but GW are going to drop on you like a ton of bricks unless you have licensed the Tau and Imperial Guard from them.

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    Deleted at request of origional poster.
    Best o luck.
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    Thanks for the interest.

    One thing that must be put clear is that this topic's tittle was coloquial, the names of my minis are: 'Alien Commander' and 'Dead Human Trooper'. But in order to avoid confusion or any other problem, I changed it. (daGoz: )

    The cloth in the left arm is ripped from combat, although it's hidden under the huge shoulder pads that this race wears. My intention was to create a commander, a veteran just at the end of some intense battle.

    Anyhow, soon I will sculp two extra arms and a new head with the helmet on, to offer a diferent version of the miniature, which represented a regular soldier, a trooper with other pose. The following pics are for orientation only.

    Cheers from Spain!!

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    I really like the sculpts on both of the figures, the guts of the trooper look just right IMHO. I would back up SJB on the subject of copyright. If you sell these on the open market without GW approval they will come after you, or rather their lawyers will. They are rather anal about these things.
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    Censored at request of original poster.
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    Thanks Funnymouth.

    Painted version of this mini coming soon, yo!! (finally...)

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    Is this not going to attract the attention of GW. Dont get me wrong the sculpt is great just dont want you feeling the brunt of their copyright policy.

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    I am certainly interested in one

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    I am definitely interested in these models, I don't think I've ever seen a Tau model with such fine detail, and an extra bonus to this is the size of the model. When and how can I purchase one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master of fact View Post
    Is this not going to attract the attention of GW. Dont get me wrong the sculpt is great just dont want you feeling the brunt of their copyright policy.
    Please, this kind of contributions to the thread can only bring controversy or polemic devate, this personal coments should be done by PM, or maybe open a new thread if you feel like. Please don't go plain offtopic, I hope you understand my point. Let's talk about sculpture and related, that is way more interesting...


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    Personally, I love the alien. What is your selling point on it? Just curious really, I've never worked in 54mm scale before.

    In fact, while I've never been a fan of a certain other company's basic alien warrior model (though I love the suits), yours really clicks. Maybe it's the more realistic proportions. That helmet just looks weird in an oversized-head-scale.
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    That is a matter of taste I must say, you should have some Inquisitor model in hand to get to know the proportions of that line, that are not the ones from GW 30mm and not exhaustively realistic. That said and knowing this is an alien, not comparable to human proportions, saying that certain part is oversized seem to me inconsistent. Anyway thanks for the praises, dude.
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    No. Iv kept it on topic i complemented your sculpt and wish i could have those skills. You know what i have pointed out. If you are worried about attention being brought to you maybe you shouldnt do it. Not my choice, but please do not tell me what i can or cannot say on cool mini or not.

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    I really love the Shas'ui, but the bisected trooper is definitely NOT my cup of tea.

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    For the most part the sculpting is very good. I really like the pants, especially. The shoulder pads could use some work, though.

    Good luck when GW's lawyers come knocking on your door. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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    Just to clarify, I meant the 30mm model of a similar alien done by another company's oversized head looks weird. Never liked them. Your 54mm scale model really nails the proportions (or at least as I think they should be). I was not criticizing your work... there's not much to criticize! I agree with Gearhead, though...the half-trooper is a bit disturbingly accurate.
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    Ok, so I got it wrong, sorry.

    About the 1/2 man, I had some disgusting medical books opened when I sculpted this to do the guts as correctly as I could. I think this guy has a lot of painting options as he could have been blasted by a powerful energy weapon, or ripped off by some creature (gore geeks could use a lot of Blood Red in this semi-guy). Burnt effects over dark reds could be interesting to use to represent the first option, but I lack a good reference for this. It would be very useful for me to have some help in that direction, as I'm painting this two models in the following days.

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