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    I wanted to show this guy, please let me know what you think of him!
    hes rated at a 5.9 after 35 votes...
    (not real happy with that)

    voting link:
    feel free to leave your comments!


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    Yeah I saw him perusing the gallery and thought you were getting hated on. It could be your pics are a bit dark? You can get a freeware photoshop program called gimp and adjust the levels on that. Also there might be a mold line on the skull helmet. The glowing effect is really cool though, im using that on all my cryx models.

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    Hi there, looking at these photos it seems like your light source is likely causing some of the issues that are negatively affecting your scores. It's important when taking these photos to make sure that the light is coming from behind you when you take photos. If it's from directly overhead, the sides, or worst case scenario from behind the model then you will get a lot of problems in the picture.

    In this image, it looks like the light is strongest from the upper-right of the frame, which isn't quite ideal. There are plenty of excellent articles and forum threads on photography if you'd like to know more.

    The actual painting of the model looks quite good, it's just a bit hard to see clearly with the exaggerated darkness of the image. The glowing areas look really nice, and the way you shaded the bone helmet makes it look like he's in a dark enough area to really have OSL show up in the first place. Good choice shading with black instead of just browns.

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    i really quite like what you've done with this model. but i must agree with the with the others, the photo quality is probably what's dragging the votes down. but still, i really like this. i've tried osl, and have total respect for you, my man!

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    This guy is nicely done but I also have to say that the bad quality may be a reason of the bad votes. I especially like the base with the mushrooms and the skull on the head of the shaman.

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    you just need to work on the color balance of your miniatures. i just did this on photoshop at work...but if you were to download gimp at home it will dramatically improve your pictures. hope this helps.

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    thanks all for the comments
    I realise that i need to work on my photos, as surcumstances werent that great and i'll will try to rebuild my paper lightbox(thingy) too.
    We got photoshop here at home so I think i forgot it to just to get it up as fast as possible! :S
    and i'll have a look at Gimp to

    i will work on it and maybe re-upload it or atleast post the new one here.
    so thanks alot
    and will post new one when i got em.


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    I'd say the Uber edited pic would fetch a 6.5 easy.
    Besides the pic themselves, I think you really need a better way to present the montage, it's very poorly clipped, half the pics show parts that don't seem relevant, there is no symmetry and a wide blank at the bottom. And with all that still no back view.
    It's all things that deserve being thought about.

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    hej there,
    I had a retry and set up a bit of a "lightroom" from paper, it still doesnt work that great because of 3 different lightbulbs... but its better then last :S (*walks away...)
    I tried a few things, colours are close now, just wish i had a daylightbulb.
    as for the 1st one it seems that photobucked rescales it as it doesnt make any difference if i load a bigger one, so i got to find something else for that. but i also tried the 2nd way which i think is better.(as for the cuts in the middle, i just copy+paste the pics to see how it works) This is kind off new learning experience for me, tho i work quit alot with photoshop when im shopping pictures but i've never had to position em like this so thats new...So please tell me what you think of this.

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    Pics are much better like this.

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