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Thread: Help - getting flash player to work & proxy server

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    Default Help - getting flash player to work & proxy server


    I believe the 2 issues are not related, but who knows. Been trying to get:

    or another proxy site to work with sites such as CBS (which for some stupid reason, don't let their shows get watched outside USA)

    When i go to the CBS site, etc for a show, instead of getting the note stating i am outside the USA, i get "i need flash player 9".

    I installed 10 something. Still nothing. Got their plugin; still the same.

    searched online; appears for many people flash doesn't seem to work.

    Does anyone know why? or is Adobe's software really that crappy?


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    It seems like Flash ignores proxy settings UNLESS it cannot get a direct connection to the site, and this seems to be a "feature" of Flash 9 and 10. The best way around this is to use a VPN service with a US IP address, which I use for stuff like Hulu and Steam.
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    The IP tracking software on those video sites sure is ignorant to deal with. So irritating.

    Anyway the VPN trick definitely sounds good, I'm just not sure exactly how to approach it. We use VPN software when connecting to our work server from home, but I don't know much else about the process.

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    Sorry, I don't understand. How do I use a VPN? what do I have to setup/download?

    I searched for VPN and free VPN and some sites came up but none of them have anything for download or i still have to pay for it. is that correct?

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    Well if you're using Windows Vista or 7 (and even XP I believe) VPN is built into the OS. You just need to create a VPN connection by specifying the VPN server IP or address and user name and password. In Win 7 that's in the Network and Sharing Center, set up a new connection or network -> connect to a workplace and follow the instructions for your VPN provider.

    Most VPN providers of any quality (good enough for video streaming) will probably charge you a couple of bucks a month. You might try Hotspot Shield which will install software on your machine and show you ads while you are using it (and won't show you ads if you're not) but I found it to be a little buggy on my 64 bit Win 7 machine. This may work better for you. In effect it's also a VPN but doesn't run unless it's ad engine is on.
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    I use windows XP. When we get a new PC, then Windows 7

    I searched for it and apparently XP can as well, but then it says i have to input an ip#. Is there where I would use a foreign IP? like, how do I choose one from the USA? since the sites seem to detect my IP as being from Canada...

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    Often there are lists of Ip address online
    Another option for firefox would be TOR but it is a slow connection to establish
    I use the bundle and that auto designates a proxy
    I think it will work for your needs but have not yet tried it for video myself
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