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Thread: ME23 - All good things come to those who wait

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    Default ME23 - All good things come to those who wait

    ME23 - Miniature Exchange 23

    Sorry to keep you all waiting I said I'd start it next week about three weeks ago but better late than never.

    To start with; the usual blurb...

    Reply to this thread, after you’ve read the rules and understand them, with your location and shipping preference in the following format:

    Undave - UK- anywhere

    I will add you to the list using your displayed user name. Your location is the country in which you wish the miniatures shipped. Shipping preference is used to identify people who choose not to ship outside of their country of origin – if you are willing to ship worldwide please list “anywhere” as your preference.

    Miniature Exchange #23
    TJeffers started this up in 2004 as he came to notice that he had more miniatures laying around in his drawers (not pants) than he could possibly paint and what once might have inspired him certainly didn\'t any longer. To give these old miniatures new life he hatched the idea for an exchange program. Modderrhu picked up the reins to keep things going, at ME10 mrJustin jumped in to the mix and later somewhere in between ME12 and 13 ZapotekE picked up the torch until ME20 when I, Undave, took over.

    Essentially a group of us get together from all over the world, dig through our piles of goodies, and ship off two (or more) miniatures that we\'re interested in seeing someone else paint. You, in turn, wait for a package from another individual with miniatures that you are supposed to paint as well (but hardly anyone ever does .

    So, basically, what happens is that you put your name down for the exchange and then when the sign-up period is over, all the names will be dumped into a virtual hat to be drawn out randomly. The first name drawn gets to send their unloved miniatures to the second person, the second person sends to the third, and so on. At the end, the last person sends to the first. Instead of being a direct one-to-one exchange, we follow the order in which the names are drawn.

    We used to do this do this thing every three months or so but it seems to have become a bit more fluid now as some people thought that was too long to wait. So we're playing it as it comes at the moment I'll set a start date for sign-ups and after about two weeks or when they begin to peter out I'll announce the provisional list. This will stay up for several days before being confirmed in order to iron out any kinks. After that you\'ll have about two months to get your minis shipped to wherever they need to be. In theory that ought to be enough time for even the most infamous of postal services *cough*Canada*cough to get their act together. Here are the approximate dates for ME23:

    Signup - 8th February
    Provisional list published 22nd February
    Exchange start - 26th February
    End date - Whenever we get roung to the next one...

    REMEMBER: These dates will probably change a little bit as we go along so be sure to keep tabs on this thread.

    1) You must send at least two miniatures This used to be just one but we've upped it to two just in case the person hates the first one. YOU WILL NOT GET THESE BACK, so make sure you don\'t send anything you still want. There has been a tendency to send more than two miniatures. This is acceptable but not to be expected. The rule is at least two. This is not a generosity contest.

    2) All miniatures must be in an untouched state. Basically, send it as you got it, in the condition it was when it was bought. This doesn't mean it has to be in a blister, however, just not mangled in any way. The minis are NOT to be painted or primed or pre-paints. The exception is if the minis were primed when bought, like Mithril minis. These may be exchanged since primed is their original condition. Exceptions to this rule are made by the participants and should be managed via private message.

    3) If you wish to participate, you must be around. Don't say 'I want in' and then disappear off the face of the Earth for a month. I'm not saying you need to be a forum regular, but you should be checking at least this thread once per week, and check your PM’s and e-mail (if that is the way you want to be contacted).

    4) If you do not hear from either your sender or sendee within one week of the exchange list being posted, check with me and then skip them! This works in both directions, so if your sender can't be contacted get in touch with the person who was to send to them. If they were able to get in touch with them, but you have not, then there is a problem and you should PM me. This has happened before.

    I will do my best to find a new sender for anyone who suddenly find themselves out in the cold, so to speak. There is no guarantee, however, that I will be able to do so. While it is very rare for a participant to be left without miniatures it can, and has, happened on occasion.


    5) First time participants, or those who are not regular CMON participants either on the forums or in the galleries (less than 5 posts and no minis), will be listed as FLAGGED. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SIGN UP as there are so many people doing min-exchange that it's hard to keep track of who has and hasn't participated before. Anyone receiving miniatures from a FLAGGED participant should post to the forums when the package is received. Only when the package from a FLAGGED participant is received will the person sending to the FLAGGED member ship any miniatures. Should the FLAGGED member fail to ship miniatures out within two weeks of the commencement of the exchange then the person originally slated to ship to the FLAGGED participant will, instead, ship to the person that the FLAGGED person was intended to ship to. To make it as smooth as possible for the FLAGGED participant he/she will be teamed up with a receiver geographicaly as close as possible.


    If you're sending to a flagged participant don't be tempted to send minis until they are unflagged as you may end up having to send out another lot if the flagged guy doesn't come up with the goods. This almost happened last time.

    6) Failure to participate after signing up for the exchange will result in being banned from future exchanges. While rule 5 is intended to protect participants from new members failing to follow through with the exchange it does not address regular CMON partipants who have, for whatever reason, not shipped miniatures to their exchange partner.

    When you have received a package of minis, please do PM the sender and post in the thread - if possible with a pic. It\s allways nice to see what people end up with. By the same token, although it's not a requirement, if you decide to paint any of the stuff you get we'd all love to see it.

    We had a few problems the last couple of times due to some people not chiming in when they had minis arrive. It's VITAL that we know when you have your stuff turn up as it can cause hold ups, especially where flagged participants are concerned. Please PM your sender and post in the thread if only just to say you got your stuff.

    I won't usually alter the list when a person is unflagged. If you're sending to a flagged member you can do so as soon as confirmation arrives from their recipient.

    Man, these rules seem to get more draconian every time. At the end of the day all that stuff written above is simply to make sure that everyone ends up with a couple of fun minis and a warm fuzzy feeling that you've divested yourself of some utter tat... er I mean a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you've given someone else some fun minis

    Let's see those names!
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    I may sign up, but the last one left a bitter taste in my mouth..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occultist View Post
    I may sign up, but the last one left a bitter taste in my mouth..
    Yeah I don't blame you that was a proper headache. Still if you do sign up I promise to try and pair you up with someone reliable.
    “We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area” - UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer

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    you do know you aren't meant to eat them?
    sorry couldn't resist it, yeah I know
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    Ah, I'd love to sign up, but midway through this thing I'm going to be switching countries. Sadly, I may have to wait for 24. Ah well.
    Blasting forth in three part harmony!

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    I sat out the last one so might as well have a go at this one.

    NGA - US - Anywhere

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    Sign me up! Had a great exchange last time!

    Glen11 - US - Anywhere

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    Sign me up, fingers crossed this one doesn't cause you as much of a headache

    Gapow - UK - Anywhere (except to Bullit or Peteygee coz they're round my house every week,lol)

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    Vern - UK - anywhere

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    Count me in

    CaptainBirdseye - UK - Anywhere

    Flag me
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    got a little bag already fixed so count me in


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    After thinking about it, I'll give it another try

    Occultist - Canada - Anywhere

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    I have to get my figure fix somehow.

    Come join the Fun

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    been looking forward to trying this out

    In Chigh- UK-anywhere

    its my first time so flag me up, rules read and understood ca'pn!

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    Me please!

    Rugne -UK- Anywhere


    Help me to hatch my eggs , click on it

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    ScottRadom, Canada, Anywhere,

    Unflagged bitches!

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    I knew there was something I forgot to add to the rules. If you need flagging (because it's your first ME) please let me know when you sign up as otherwise I have to trawl back through past MEs to check.

    @Cap'n Birdseye am I right in thinking this is your first time round?
    “We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area” - UK military spokesman Major Mike Shearer

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    MattSterbenz - USA - Anywhere

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    Wingz US US ( jus because my package got lost when I sent to the Uk last time)

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