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    hummmm, its good, but i dont really like the flamer tanks as they are - they seem unfinished.

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    I agree with funnymouth, the flamers need some more work.

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    I made some changes based on suggestions from a few different people. I reworked the storage tanks- I want them to look rough and worn, but also have good color transitions including the white shine dot I painted on.

    I glazed some of the extreme highligh color underneath the sections where paint chipped off to make it pop a little more and I also highlighted the larger metal sections.

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    After looking at different pictures of streets, I finally decided to make the base into a crosswalk area. I'll be position the Dread on the base so it looks like he's crossing the street- I like to throw a little humor into my pieces when I can.

    The base is almost complete. I'm currently sculpting a bit of curb on the upper side (next to the white line), along with a bit of the ramped section that allows pedestrians onto the crosswalk. I'm also going to add a few more leaves under the dread's feet when I put it in place.

    This is just another shot to show my progress. I've been spending at least 4 hours a day on this thing since Friday doing a variety of things. I'm working to tone down the overall weathering and add it back in with controlled applications in specific areas. I glazed a brighter highlight on the black cabling for the Flamer and undercarraige. I haven't touched the metal of the undrcarriage yet- I'm still trying to decide exactly what I want to do with it. I applied some Fragile Crackle to the banner on his left leg- it's a beautiful effect that I hope carries over after I put the transfer on.

    There's still a lot left to be done... I'm just going to do as much as I can between now and Friday. I won't be doing any work on him Saturday before registration, because I know I'd make a major mistake if I tried.

    I was thinking of varnishing him before taking him to the competition, but I know that can sometimes hide details... what do you guys think?

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    Inside the power claw is a vertical joint line

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tercha View Post
    Inside the power claw is a vertical joint line
    Yep, there is- I left it intentionally because it looks like it belongs. That does remind me that I should put a little bit of weathering along its edges, though.

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    The base is completely finished now that the bit of curb has been painted:

    I finished painting all the metal for the undercarriage. Now I'm just working on trying to finish all of the details that are left, as well as finishing up the weathering and the highlights for the rest of the armor color.

    I've got two more days left to work on this thing. I'm trying to get the banner pole and banner done, along with finishing the body and getting it attached to the base. I wish I had another week!

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    The base is nice but I think you should shade a bit the white stripes as they contrast too much with your heavily weathered dread being painted in pure white.

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    Here are the pics of the finished dreadnaught. I added some Tamiya Orange Rust weathering pigment to him, and I think it helped.

    C&C would be most welcome!

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    Very fine work indeed.

    WARNING: Painting all of your miniatures may lead to death.

    "There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch... and kill some zombies."

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    Giganticdark's thread has been very helpful as I can see. I just think you could highlight a bit more the dread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheelfy View Post
    Giganticdark's thread has been very helpful as I can see. I just think you could highlight a bit more the dread.
    Yeah, I was just noticing in the pic that the highlights got toned down- probably due to the matte varnish I had to put on it (to kill the gloss from the clearcoat I used to even out the transfers) and the weathering pigments. I'll keep that in mind next time I do heavy weathering.

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