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    How weird, I was just discussing this game with some friends the other night. I've never done the centurion but have taken part in the power hour, 60 shots in 60 minutes.

    The most annoying part was having to pour the shots out all the time, gets harder as the booze kicks in

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    There is a drinking game called Scarface and I knew heavy drinkers that could not finish it.
    1 - Grab your favorite bottle of booze and a shot glass
    2 - Place the movie Scarface in the DVD player
    3 - Everytime the F word is spoken....take a shot
    WARNING:I do not recommend trying this because these heavy drinker passed out about 3/4 of the way through the movie and would probably kill anyone else.

    Never tried Scarface,not stupid enough & I don't like the hard stuff.
    Worst I did, will camping I chugged a pitcher of BRADOR , 4 1/2 bottle of 6% beer in 11 seconds.

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    Played a similar game to Scarface with The Beavis and Butthead movie back in my college days.
    You had to drink everytime Beavis or Butthead laugh for as long as they laugh.

    The two times we did this we were too drunk to remember the rules by about 3/4 of the way through the movie.


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    The other two great movie drinking games are the Withnail and I game where you drink every time they do in the film, and the Dazed and Confused game where you drink every time Mitch Kramer touches his nose.


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    Oookay... the pics from the event should prove interesting!
    Can't recall doing any kind of power drinking games like that (only the quarter game, which is somewhat akin to beer pong, a couple of years back), but I really think I may be getting too old for that /murtaugh

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    aah , i did take photos, but my phone's screen broke that night, so i cant see them to upload them!! but it was funny, we had to do a lot of catch up drinking if we missed shots we used this link-- http://rooma.fi/centurion/ . which required my friends laptop to be present which was a bad idea as her mac book pro got quite sticky by the morning :0

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    *shakes head* Bit late now...but this is VERY fool-hardy. Standard measure for a shot is 1.5 oz(fluid, of course). At 100 shots...that's 4.25 litres, or if you prefer 7.5 pints. Guzzling that amount in what is really a rather short amount of time, an hour 40 minutes, could cause internal injuries. Ruptured stomach and/or intestines aren't generally seen as good things.

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    "ducky fuzz, fuzzy duck, does he". you need a pint glass full of the top row in your local bar (mix of all the different spirits) you then start off in a clock wise direction by saying one of the above if one of you says" does he" that reverses the direction and the next/previous person says" ducky fuzz" or "fuzzy duck" everytime its cocked up the offending person has to take a drink out of the pint glass. it does have an amusing result when its cocked up, sounds simple, try it and see.

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