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    hi guys as you mighthave read in the tittle i need a bit of help. I want to know how i could achive this ( skintone look with strictly Gw paints. Pleas help you guys. thanks.
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    I think the first thing you should do is try (more than once if necessary) and see how close you can get, by really looking at the colours and trying to replicate the effect.

    Even if the person who painted this is one of the people who answers, their description is practically guaranteed not to cover all the subtleties - most people can't recall exactly 10 or 12 painting steps and/or mixtures they might have used, and even if they did they wouldn't want to type it all out!

    Besides, this is the kind of thing that really is best learned by doing - paint some stuff, try some things, see how you get on. Don't be afraid of experimentation, it's often very valuable even if you don't get the results you want.


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    actualy i have tried a couple of time and the last was actualy pretty dang close. ill see if i can post a pic if i find the camera.

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    try pm'ing iacton:
    he's painted a version of this one (maybe that one itself) and he runs the company iirc

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    k thank you very much

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