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    Default Ashara by Raging Hereos Review

    First things first.

    After seeing their crisp clean concepts on the Raging Heroes website I had very high hopes for this line. I looked at this line as a nice collectors series, also being playable in your fav game.

    After a few mishaps with shipping, attributed to the really bad weather, my package finally arrived.

    I must say there was a little disappointment, as I was expecting a box, not blister, don’t know why, I got that impression as RH do not mention this at all. Anyway I was greeted with a nice shiny blister pack with some very nice artwork.

    On opening the blister I was rather pleased to see Asharah was a limited edition of just 500, I got number 190. There was also a small paragraph about her, in both French and English. The printwork is of top quality, I must add.

    The mini.

    Ok gonna be picky here, but I think I would have much rather seen this mini in resin. I understand why it is metal, as it is meant to be playable, but as firstly a painter, resin would have been nice, maybe a smaller limited run in resin would have been better, say the first 100 were resin there after white metal.

    First impressions of the mini are good, there is a nice amount of detail, albeit not as crisp as the pictures on the website lead you to believe, but by no means bad, and I must stress this.

    There is very little to no flash, and the mould lines are quite small, and should file down very easily. The one thing to note, is that the tab needs to be cut off, as the leading leg will not sit right if you leave it on. Also the small knife on the front leg seems to have a gap, but a small amount of greenstuff will sort this out. The only drawback, is I would say this knock this mini into the moderate modeller bracket.

    The filigree on the arms is very nice, again not as crisp as the images, as the edges of the filigree are slightly rounded. This also leads me onto the fit of the arms, no matter how I tried I couldn’t get the arms to fit properly in the correct position without there being quite a big gap, this seemed to be down to the small pin cast on the mini. For me this isn’t a problem, as I remove these anyway and add my own longer pin, again this will make it for the moderate modeller.

    You get 3 different types of heads in the set, that should be enough for anyone, my personal favourite was the one with the flowing hair. These are all well detailed, with good expressions, and actually look female!

    To say you get a good choice of weapons is an understatement! This in my opinion is what makes this mini special, the sheer amount of customisation you can do. You will not be left wanting at all, and to add the detailing on them if very good. For instance the shield, has the crisp filigree that was missing from the arms, both the swords are great, and the staff, my choice, is excellent. The book is a very nice touch, and I liked the fact that it has a small flame coming from it, giving the impression that a spell is about to happen. The weakest option here is the whip. I can see what was trying to be achieved, but with the attempt at such detail, it starts to get lost and looks flat, and a little but of a mess, but then with so many better options, I don’t think many Asharahs will be sporting a whip.

    Over all.

    Apart from the slight misgivings, with a few detail issues, this is a very good first mini from RH. As I said a resin limited run would be nice, in 28mm, but not essential. As a first mini, things can and probably will only get better, so future sculpt should be amazing, as the company get to grips with what can be achieved.

    Anyway, Ashara would be nice addition to a multitude of armies, or just as a collectable painting piece, with enough areas to let a painters imagination get to work.

    This is definitely a recommended purchase.

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    How big is it next to GW figures? I don't mean the " scale ", I mean exactly how tall is it from the top of the base to the top of the head? And could you please show a pic of it next to a WHFB figure of relative posture? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreManor View Post
    How big is it next to GW figures? I don't mean the " scale ", I mean exactly how tall is it from the top of the base to the top of the head? And could you please show a pic of it next to a WHFB figure of relative posture? Thanks.

    Yep, no problem. Just got to finish off a miniature then I will assemble this and compare.

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    Thank you for this great rewiev. It made me surf on this site.

    Greetings, Taggi
    How do you know, that Taggi has been assimilated to borg: "Rezitanz fiutail ist."

    Sorry for violating the english language.

    Please rate my comments, even if there is critism in it, as a personal point of view. I do not have the absolute truth in minature painting and every word said by me is only a suggestion, that may be thought over or simple ignored. So, happy painting!

    And my own Dragons:

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    I received an email form RH after they read my review. they gave me full permission to post it, so here it is.

    Hi Luke,

    We wanted to thank you for the time you took in preparing and posting
    your review of Asharah 28mm.
    It's really well done and we pretty much agree with everything you
    wrote. We're still a bit new at creating minis and we're working hard
    to improve our workflow and the quality of our minis.

    We saw that you were hoping for a resin cast and a box... Actually the
    product pages do specify that the 28mm is in white metal and the 54mm
    is in resin. The 54mm is indeed sent in a box We don't yet have
    any kind of fancy colour-printed packaging, but we hope to be able to
    afford that soon...
    For the moment, production costs are much higher than traditionally
    produced minis, mainly (but not only) because ZBrush sculptors have
    much higher fees. Because of that, we cannot at this point in time
    also invest in the slower and more expensive process of resin casting
    for 28mm.

    Some of the rounded-edges problems you mentioned are partly due to the
    fact that this process is quite experimental for 28mm and that we had
    to find very specific 3D sculpting techniques to bring out this kind
    of details. This will obviously be improved in our next releases. For
    example, you mentioned the difference of crispness in the shield
    filigree being much better than on the shoulder, and you're right.
    This is mainly due to the difference of sculpting techniques used. We
    also agree that the whip was a bit of a disappointment. At this scale,
    this kind of element needs to be sculpted bigger to come out nice and
    crisp. We'll know that for the next jobs.

    Thanks again for your work, and the end recommendation!
    We're happy that you and some other people seem to like the printed
    cards. We spent a fair bit of time on those.

    Do feel free to repost any of this information if you wish.

    Best regards,

    Mireille and Benoit

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    I'm not completely sure about the figure myself. I absolutely applaud what the RH team are doing and I seriously wish them every success (which I think they'll get), but I'm not entirely convinced that there's been much benefit from going the CAD route. I just don't see the level of detail that I see from a more traditional way of sculpting I'm afraid.

    I do understand that using a program like zBrush can be fantastic for adjusting a sculpt to your heart's content, but I don't know whether it translates so well to being cast up in metal really. I think I'm right in saying that GW's metals are always sculpted by hand and I do think there's a practical reason for this. However, with most of their plastics being done with CAD, the medium for output seems to suit it much better - nice and smooth I guess.

    So, I dunno - I like the idea, and the basic form of the Raging Hero line, but I think I'd prefer that little bit more detail that a scapel can give!

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    I've just been roaming around their website, and I personally prefer the 54mm versions over the 28mm ones
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    nice to see companys hanging around the forums and taking the time to respond big up to them
    Come join the Fun

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