2009 Space Hulk Genestealers for Sale or Trade
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Thread: 2009 Space Hulk Genestealers for Sale or Trade

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    Exclamation 2009 Space Hulk Genestealers for Sale or Trade

    Got more Genestealers than i know what to do with!
    I'm looking to sell the New Space Hulk GS for $5 each ($3 if you buy 20 or more) and $20 for the awesome new Broodlord.
    i have a ton of regular used Genestealers as well for $3 each
    all plus shipping and Handling with paypal. i can email you a pic of the models that are shipping.

    i'm not short on cash
    and i still play 40K so i'm "FIRM" on the very fair prices!

    For trade i'm looking for:
    Turbine "Fan" Jump Packs
    Death Korps of Kreig or any Forgeworld
    IG Characters
    IG Hellhounds New or OOP
    IG Leman Russ Tanks
    Valkyrie Assault Carrier
    Steel Legion Guard
    Chaos Space Marines (new and unpainted...primed is ok if you didn't kill it)
    Chaos and Guard bits
    Cadian Command (the OOP metal and the new plastic)
    and any Necromunda models


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    Hey...I could use some 'stealers.
    I have a Chaos Space Marine kit with a single dude missing- legs chest and arms I think were taken off the sprue. Also they are primed black.
    I dunno, I'd be happy to get rid of them, and negotiate cash or whatever for some stealers and a broodlord.
    I'll see what else I can dig up- would you be interested in some Warmachine Cryx stuff new in the package? I have a couple of Cryx Mechs that have been primed, as well...
    Get back to me.
    I live in the Bronx, NY- it would probably be quick and easy to mail stuff to you!

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