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    Quote Originally Posted by Tee999 View Post
    i made a new organizer. it holds 54 vallejo paints and 7 tamiya color paints. i could have made it hold 66 vallejo paints.

    nice thing about these closet organizers is they stack on each other so i took the first one appart and made it into a shelf.

    thanks for the inspiration Taggi


    paints and supplies nice and organized.
    Why not put them upside down? You will see the color better.

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    I know it's been a while since asked but here's some pics and measurements
    40mm jig30 degree cut on pipedimensions on jig32mm jig32mm dims

    The angle of cut is 30 degrees, the lengths are as stated on the jigs
    The 40mm pipe will accept most types of pots, but if you are using GW pot do go any longer than 30mm otherwise you wont be able to get them out, the taller pots still stay in
    the black section to the left pivots for holding the pipe when cutting, cause there is no way I'm putting my pinkies that close to a chop saw
    You can of course use a hand mitre saw, I'd still make up a simple jig just to keep things accurate
    On the 32mm jig (not yet made a rack in this size) it says the depth of cut is 44mm, I double checked and while this is ok you wouldn't be able to see much of the color. I'd be inclined to to keep it somewhere between 35-40mm. This is also of course the same width for your timber framing, I backed mine with 3mm ply, mdf would be good too, but you could use whatever you have to hand. I wouldn't go much thicker than 6mm tho, as it would start getting heavy
    There are two ways to put it together, you can stagger the pipes or stack them on top of each other, staggering them will result in a lower height to the frame
    If you choose to use the push fit pipe, (it's cheaper) over the glue together stuff you'll need a suitable adhesive to fix the pie together to keep them in the frame, silicone sealant should be OK

    You can assemble your frame how ever you want butt joints, mitres it's up to you, once the back is glued and pinned it wont really matter, I would say use a good quality glue, not just cheapy PVA

    Any questions, I'll try not to be too long in answering this time
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    I Use some of these: cut the foam to size for each bottle and store them upside down so I can see the colours. I expect these could also be useful as transport cases for minis.
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