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    I run a high elf army and my main opponent runs a huge empire army with many choices. I have yet to win against him but I was only a begginer when we first played I now know better tactics for my army but I still am coming up on one snag....
    How do I beat his tank? The thing is seemingly unbeatable and I was just wondering is there a optimum way of taking it out? Should I just avoid it at all cost? Considering that sometimes it doesnt even move its not hard to out run but its just so many point left on the field at the end I would prefer to destroy it. I have a list of my army in the thread below if you are wondering what I can boast. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    thing about the Stank is you don't need to kill it to make it almost worthless. Just hit it will a couple bolt throwers, knock off 3-4 wounds and it become alot more managable. Also the lore of metal is very nice against it too.

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    Bolt Throwers, Bolt Throwers, Bolt Throwers.... As kbolster12345 said already, its weakness is that you just have to do a couple wounds and it quickly becomes a pile of steel on the battle field. I have only played against one a single time, but the bolt throwers were my answer to it. I spent some time looking into this issue and unfortunately they are our only real answer to this potential threat.

    Good luck!

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