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    I'm new to the game of warhammer 40k, although i've been painting models for a little while now, my question is, i made a killa kan, one of the older metal models, with a scortcha and rokkits, instead of a close combat weapon, because i didn't have a drill for pinning the big power claw arm it came with to the model. So, can i still use it with my orks? I dont own the codex yet, so i figured i would ask here

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    The rules for killa kans is that they come with the close combat weapon and they MUST take one of the following weapons
    -Big shoota for 5 points
    -rokkit launcha for 15 points
    -kustom mega-blasta for 20 points
    -skorcha for 5 points
    -grotzookq for 10 points

    so therefore they come with a close combat weapon and you add another gun. you can not take two guns according to the codex. I believe you could do that in the old codex but no longer :/

    hope this is a help
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    It's all a function of your opponent. The rules only allow for one ranged weapon, so just make it clear which of the two weapons the kan actually can use for the whole game and you should be fine (at least with most reasonable people.)


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    thanks, for the info, i might try to change it, and i might not (i do like how it came out looking). but at least i'll know for the next one i build

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    That's a tough one but you handle it pretty well.
    Thank you for sharing this with us...

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