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    Okay, so this is tantamount to admitting I'm a Final Fantasy Fanboy. But I just wanted to know if anyone else is as psyched about the release of this game as I am. Apparently it hit store shelves or is about to hit the store shelves in the USA. I'm jonesing for a great RPG. (The last one I had a ton of fun with was The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion)

    Who out there is a fellow Final Fantasy Fanboy/Fangirl?

    (expecting the sound of cruel cricket chirping)
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    I don't play the games, but I am very much a fan of the Final Fantasy imagery, and i really enjoyed them movie, Advent Children.

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    See my avatar? Yeah, but I am waiting for FF XIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeve View Post
    See my avatar? Yeah, but I am waiting for FF XIV
    Heh, I used to play an Elvaan Cook/THF. I know all about that kind of addiction. Always hated that Windurst was the one to get the Culinary Guild.
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    It was released here in the US yesterday. A line of people was going out the door at the local Gamestop.
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    I played FFII recently, but it was hard work. Not the greatest .

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    So I picked up Final Fantasy XIII yesterday and gave it a go. Here's an evaluation after completing chapter 1. And this is JUST for chapter 1.

    Voice talent - Much better, especially for Sazh. The dialogue doesn't seem overly forced, except maybe in the case of Snow Villiers. A-

    Artwork - The first couple hours of the game definitely have a mood going for them. The sets are beautifully constructed in a techno-gothic kind of way in the first chapter, and the use of dark greens and purples with the dark backdrops give it a colorful if ominous feel. A+

    Gameplay - The combat isn't overly complex yet, but apparently you don't get to do a whole lot of character development until chapter 2. N/A

    Navigation - The camera is a bit annoying to get the feel for at first, but after a few minutes and inverting the y-axis on the controller it felt much better. Still, I think the camera controls could have been executed a bit more smoothly. B-

    Soundtrack - It doesn't invade but instead accents the action going on around. Very well done in my opinion, enough so that I'll get a hold of the soundtrack if the quality keeps up. Again, emphasizes the mood very well. A

    Cut Scenes - There's one part in particular that reminded me of a John Woo movie, but a lot of it is fairly good quality. I don't think I've found any technical errors yet. The cut scenes seem a touch long, but nothing so bad as Xenosaga's were in the beginning of that game. B+

    Character Design - A breath of fresh air!

    Lightning has the same no-nonsense demeanor as Cloud Strife, and a convincingly combat oriented aura around her. All sharp edges and cold anger. Great outfit design without exposing too much. The hair seems just a touch wispy.

    Snow has a very earth tone look to him, which is kind of nice for a change. Built like a German weight lifter. He's a bit hot-headed and stubborn, but in a naive way you can understand.

    Hope So far timid and incredibly annoying. I wasn't over impressed with his outfit or build, but I suppose that may be intentional. To be honest, I'm already afraid I'm going to be annoyed with him.

    Vanille is probably my second favorite of the character designs. Optimistic, spunky, but still afraid. Her costume has a decidedly tribal feel to it which is probably some kind of foreshadowing, and if anything is the cutest thing in the game so far. The hair is extremely convincing aside from the fact that it doesn't bounce or anything.

    Sazh is my favorite. It's about damned time Final Fantasy had an afro in it. He has a utilitarian sort of clothing choice, with an emphasis on Olive. One of the more complex characters it seems from the beginning, and much more subtle. Oh, and he's amusing with his little quips. Best yet, a baby chocobo is nested in his fro, officially making him Chocofro.


    I'll keep posting as I uncover more to the game. If anyone wants more info I'll be happy to divulge. Otherwise I know....just shut up, Id.
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