54mm Eolith versus Spyglass.. your opinions.
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Thread: 54mm Eolith versus Spyglass.. your opinions.

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    Default 54mm Eolith versus Spyglass.. your opinions.

    Okay, I'm after some opinions. Not long before I started the Eolith endevour I asked around a bit regarding my 54mm figures. At the time that was mostly Anastasia and Shae and I was wondering how they stacked up and what would be required for greater sales etc...

    The answers were pretty solid. Mostly along the lines of 'more detail' and more involved designs. I'm pretty confident that's exactly what the Eolith 54mm figs delivered. I was very conscious of keeping them paintable but while adding more detail and design.

    Eolith has been live for pretty much thirteen months now and it's time to look back at the sales over the last year. And I look at what sold the most, and what continues to sell. Each Eolith figure has a small surge of sales at release followed by a dropping back to a certain level of regular sales. Some figures have struggled to find an audience (Frankenstein' Monster and Dracula both sold but not in any great number) and some did pretty well (the 54mm girls). None of them sold in vast, vast quantities but they did okay and I'm generally happy with the sales so far on them (though it doesn't bode well for the prospect of a Wolfman).

    But then there's the blip. My biggest sellers are 54mm Anastasia and Shae. In pure numbers Anastasia has sold less than the female Eolith figs but her steady sales are greater. Shae has sold more overall than any of the Eolith figures (that's since her resin release, not counting older sales through Spyglass).

    So, I did what people said and the old figs that 'needed more detail' are still selling and don't show much sign of slowing down. The sales aren't explosive, which is to be expected, but they're a whole lot more impressive than you'd expect for a five year old sculpt which surely has been superseded in quality.

    So, what's the deal? Why are you guys constantly buying Ana and Shae. The continuing sales on these figures are probably close to double those of the Eolith figures. What am I doing so wrong? Should I be going back to a more rudimentary, low detail style like those figs? Because I could do with duplicating their success in newer figures. They're selling well but I need more than two that do it.


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    I like both the Spyglass and Eolith. Unfortunately for me, personally, I don't have the money to spend right now. There are several Eolith sculpts that are on my wish list. Sorry, but I guess that didn't really help much.

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    I love 54mm stuff Steve. Unfortunately none of yours have guns and ipods. I suppose I could cut them to bits and make my own guns but I'd prefer you to do that for me.

    I do prefer the higher detail style though, seems just about right to me.

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    I feel the two you refer to Ana and Shae have and elongated and sophisticated look that is appealing to me. The Ana was a very new approach when you first released her and that has not worn off. Not sure exactly why they differ in sales overall but I hope my input helps you.
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    I bought the Frankenstein and Lady Grygorian, and in my opinion these two are the best of your minis, and I´m amazed that they aren´t among your topsellers.
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    very nice clean cast

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    That elongated, look got complained about way back when so I kind of switched to a more solid style. Guess I should learn never to listen to people...

    Lady Grigoryan does sell pretty well. Frankie, alas, not so much. He didn't lose me money though so that's something...

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    frankie and drac are imo your best so far. although a good sculptor, you have a very distinct style that makes a lot of your figs, again imo, rather samey. f+d seemed a change from that (having said that, i liked the monk fell and the armoured fella too). i haven't bought them yet, but hope too soon (been a busy/expensive year for me but they are near the top of by 'to buy' list)

    i think some sci fi would be a nice change of pace, that monkey with flamer you did was cool as!

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    I like most of your 53mm stuff, from a painters point of view I can't see anything wrong with them. I agree with Tim that Franky is one of your best, I don't think you are doing anything wrong

    I've not had the spare cash to buy too much from you in the past, but with the new job that should change in a couple of months

    maybe some Sci-Fi or how about some busts of Shae and Ana

    keep doing what you do and like, stay true to yourself I say
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    Okey Dokey...

    I do not have much interest in 54mm or larger. I like the traditional 28ish mm stuff.

    I own the zombie mini you did and Barnaby. Both sculpts are excellent, very appealing to paint, and I will not hesitate to buy from your work again.

    My absolute fav of your sculpts (that I know of) is the Flamer Monkey. I am putting an order in very soon to get a couple of them. Just gotta wait for these people to paypal the money they owe.

    What I like most about the flamer monkey, I've never seen anything lie it before. It's got all your style and such but it's a unique model. Taking a model like say the barbarian warlord (also on my to buy list) and I think as good as it is, it has to compete with about 30 or so (conservatively) armored bad ass dudes for attention.

    the 54mm Dracula and Frankenstein looked about as unique to me as the flamer monkey, but the scale wasn't as appealing.

    Now, just to show where my buying tastes are I have NEVER bought any kind of hot fantasy chick mini. It's just not my bag. 'Course I did order the Scibor Uglyn Lovelord, so it's not lie I am judging those who enjoy those mini's.

    If it's more marketable you're after I think the time honored tradition of doing stuff to fit into the GW world is still the way to go. Especially if you're knowledgeable enough about their stuff to pick the holes in their range where they haven't modeled stuff yet.

    Not what I reccomend neccessarily, but if bills need payin' it seems a decent formula.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottRadom View Post
    Okey Dokey...

    I do not have much interest in 54mm or larger. I like the traditional 28ish mm stuff.
    yeah, wait till your eyes start going........
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