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    Hi - I can't seem to add any images to my gallery - It takes a while to load the next page (after having clicked 'submit') and then I get a sweet little message saying 'MySQL server has gone away'. Is this a timeout 'cos the image is too large (never had that problem before)?

    Any ideas?

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    How big an image are we talking about? I was resetting the server.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Not that large - 600x5000 ish, hosted on my own site. I think I have some larger images up. The problems been persisting for a couple of days. I'll try again now though.

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    Seems to have been a filesize issue. All sorted now. If other folks have difficulty with this, suggest they increase the compression in their jpg options. :-)

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    hi, i have the same problem, i try to reduce the picture (hosted in my own site), but nothing, i can't post...
    hope you can help me.

    Thank you

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