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    I'm working on a couple of game-writing projects right now where I'm coming up with material in a non-linear way - I'll come up with fluff for one chapter one night, and the next I'll be working on writing down some rules that I came up with at work that day.

    Now, I'd like to be able to track all elements of my story from a single page or database view, showing when I last updated them, how many pages each element is currently up to, and most definitely with a link to open that file so I don't have to root around in a folder or its subs. I can certainly do this with some effort in Access, but I was wondering if any of you folks here knew about a program that was custom built for this type (or similar kind) of project management.

    I have a fairly fast Windows Vista machine, if that helps.
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    Access is a definite possibility but I was going to suggest Excel Won't be purdy but I think it'll do what you want.

    Come to think of it, couldn't you do this in Word too?


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    I recall having read about some kind of Author software that lets you write backgrounds, fluff, story and everything separately and without internal order and then kind of sorts it out for you or something like that... I think someone here on Cmon was using and promoting it a while back, can't remember who though... It might have been Cybersquig but I'm not sure...
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    Links to check
    Maybe one of these will work?
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