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    I started browsing CMON/drooling over the expert work displayed here about a decade ago, but I took a 6-year... hiatus from all things miniatures and have only now returned. Somewhere in that 6-year hiatus, I made the terrible choice of getting rid of several thousand dollar's worth of miniatures for less than $300. Thus, I'm starting my collection over from scratch, which means I need to re-learn to paint miniatures!

    A new friend has graciously loaned me his case of miniatures-in-need-of-love with full permission to paint them. The only thing left, it seems, is to start putting my progress up in a WIP thread here.

    Without further adieu, I present the first minis I tested my hand on in 6 years:

    Name:  Beastmen Collage 1.jpg
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    They're not much to look at, I know, and they took me way too long to complete! Here's the second batch, in progress:

    Name:  Beastmen WIP 01.jpg
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    Name:  Beastmen WIP 02.jpg
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    And a closeup of the guy on the right:

    Name:  Beastman WIP 01.jpg
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    Name:  Beastman WIP 02.jpg
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    Those first two jogged my memory a bit, but I still have a long way to go.

    I'm trying to figure my camera out to fix the blurriness. I've a nice camera, but I misplaced the user's manual and am messing the photos up by user error. I'll work on that, though. It's a Canon Rebel T3i -- I'm adjusting the aperture settings trying to fix the blurriness, but somehow I think that using auto would've yielded better results.

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    Welcome back! You've got some good blending going on on the skin there
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    I feel it's important to share the only other things I've painted since I hopped back on this train. In the collection of minis on loan to me from said friend was a werewolf. I painted him per the [rather vague] instructions of my friend and was all set to give him as a gift. Directly before gifting, I decided I needed to pull a prank, though. I schemed with my boyfriend and we decided that gifting him a horribly-painted mini of the same sculpt before revealing the one I put time into would be most entertaining.

    The prank mini would also be painted per the instructions of our friend [a silver wolf with ice blue eyes and black stripes on the back], with a bit of artistic license, of course.

    Here's where it gets good. I had less than 48 hours to get the mini, so shipping wasn't an option. I called every gaming store in Colorado, desperately looking for the exact miniature. The model number is burned into my head -- "02872 Male Werewolf" -- as is the coined "Hi! Do you carry Reaper Miniatures? Alright, I'm looking for a specific pewter from Dark Heaven..." One shop in Colorado said they had one so we drove 45 minutes to pick it up, only to be met with a noticeably different model.

    Having expended Colorado's resources, I went to bed. The next morning, I decided I simply must pull off this prank, so I proceeded to call every gaming store in Utah. No one had the werewolf. Next up was New Mexico. A wonderful gaming shop in Albuquerque, NM -- Collector's Paradise -- had the exact miniature I was looking for! And... I had about 18 hours before the miniature needed to be done. I dropped my boyfriend off to hang out with aforementioned friend and drove 6 1/2 hours to Albuquerque. The couple who own the store met me at their shop at 10pm, sold me the miniature and helped me wake up a bit with some conversation before I departed for the 6 1/2-hour drive home.

    I arrived home at 5:30 am, caught three hours of sleep, woke up, set to work putting the miniature together and executed said terrible paint job... Here're the resulting minis:

    Name:  Silver Wolf 01.jpg
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    Name:  Silver Wolf 02.jpg
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    Name:  Side-By-Side.jpg
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    Name:  Grey Wolf 03.jpg
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    Name:  Grey Wolf 02.jpg
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    Unfortunately, I didn't grab pictures of the black stripes on the silver wolf's back, but I promise they were wonderfully terrible.

    The prank was received quite well and the recipient loved both minis. I don't regret a thing, the silver wolf with gold teeth was worth every hour of the drive, every energy drink to prevent me falling asleep at the wheel, every phone call I made.

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    That's a lot of work for a prank :-)

    I own a T3i too and the trouble with auto is, that the camera often lessens depth to get enough light for the shot. What you want is the setting where you can fiddle with aperture (Av) and let the camera worry about shutter speed. Setting the aperture to around 10 should be more than enough to keep the entire model in focus, but unfortunaly that means slower speed and often necessitates using a tripod.

    I've also just returned to painting after a two year break and your brush control looks a lot better than mine, although it is quickly getting better. I guess it is a lot like riding a bike :-)
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    Mideia, welcome back.
    Nice return so far.
    Looking forward to how you get back in the top groove.
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    I finished one of the beastmen from the lineup this evening and added blood splatter to all of the weapons per request of their owner. I find the difference between my most recent paint job -- the one on the left -- and the one I painted just three miniatures before it quite pleasing. Can only get better from here! Any criticism/tips welcome.

    Name:  IMG_6203.JPG
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    Name:  IMG_6205.JPG
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    Also, thank you to those who've given me a warm welcome back! <3

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