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    I am starting a WIP thread to try and keep myself motivated, and also to get more involved with the community, as painting all by myself gets pretty lonely ><
    Here are the current projects I am working on:

    Sigvald - yes another Sigvald, but I love this model. I am considering trying a different armor color, perhaps an NMM red or something, or maybe going with the usual gold? I am also thinking of implementing some type of freehand etching or design on the shield but haven't figured out any good ideas yet.
    The Fellowship - I love LotR, so painting the original box set will be tons of fun. I am also planning a hand painted display base for them.
    Half the Space Hulk Termies - Pretty much Squad Gideon + Brother Deino. Tackling the reds will be fun, and its been over ten years since I painted a space marine! And Space Hulk is such a good game, even my wife likes to play it

    So far only the filing has been completed, I have some sculpting to do this weekend (in particular, Boromir, who must have gotten an air grenade in the kidney) and some pinning, but I hope to start the painting early next week!

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    All sounds good, you've got plenty to keep you busy
    look forward to some pics
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    You have so many things to paint.

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    yeah man, let's see some paint on those bad boys

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    After a long few weeks of prepping, sanding, sculpting, I am finally able to start on some painting... Alrighty, I am starting for now with Aragorn, got the skin and face done so far this weekend, gonna try and get a few more of the inner layers done over the next couple days

    I used a Tallarn Flesh base, then shaded with a mix of Tallarn, Scorched Brown and P3 Sanguine Base, then further with a mix of Tallarn, Sanguine, P3 Cygnar Blue Base and Black. After reinforcing the mid tones again, shaded up by adding Bleached Bone and P3 Midlund Flesh to Tallarn, then adding white for the final highlights. I painted the beard with the darkest being Scorched Brown and Black, then adding some Bleached Bone and P3 Bootstrap Leather. I used a mix of stippling and glazes for the beard... onto the tunic!

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    That's really very impressive Elly A WIP to watch methinks Cheers, B.
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    seconded! the face seems really alive

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    That face is very good. Can't wait to see the rest.

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