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    I really like the face on that man! Looks fantastic!

    The brown leather could use a bit of colour fading if you are after a more natural worn feeling.

    Im looking forward to the progress! Your fine detail work is excellent

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    I have finally decided which projects I will work on first. Painting the Dark Age Sorceress model and also finishing the prep work on treebeard (which will be for GD next year). Pics coming in a few days, and will be looking for some good suggestions helping me get some good foliage basework for treebeard~ (no more gravel and static grass ><)
    I will also be working on a couple ebay projects, starting with a Sanguinor, so I will include some wip on that as well~

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    my god man, you're back to treebeard! Didn't you go insane enough the last time? That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing progress and will stand by with a bucket of ice water and a bottle of Jack Daniels for when you start gibbering again.

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    After a month of no painting whatsoever (post GD blues, happens every year to me lol), I have finally gotten some work done. Just to get back in the swing of things, I have been working on Sanguinor. Just a couple WIP shots here (with bad lighting hehe). I am not using the Darren Latham tutorial for my gold color (a little too brown for my tastes), but I am using his expert NMM technique and integrating it into my own.

    and a back shot

    More to come this weekend!

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    That's starting really good.

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    Lovely! I especially love the back.

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    looks nice so far. nice muted gold, nothing too flashy.

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    Hello Elly

    Im my opinion the two refelction points on the breasts are not really right. This small lines would not be shown on a convex surface. they would be more points or circles. I Think I would not paint them at all, but highlight the highest edge far more.

    On the sixpack the blendings are not so great, like on the rest on the mini...

    On the armor of the shoulders, there is a reflecion straight beneth a bolt (is this the right word? German: "Niete", "Schraubenkopf"). But the light would not get there because of this bolt.

    But this critic is "moaning on extreme hight level".

    This model is great and you have managed a splendid NMM.

    Greetings, Taggi

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    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @Taggi - I agree, it's by far not my best blending, maybe I'll come back when the armor is all done and whip up some glazes to add some different colors and smooth everything out. Depends on how much time I want to spend on the mini, which I haven't decided yet You've given me some good food for thought though, and I will have to think about some of your suggestions. Thanks!

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    Good way to break your post GD blues man! Now that things have settled back down a bit in my house I'm looking to get working on GD 2011. Now that you're back painting, we should get a few meets set up.

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    @ Elly - You mention Darren Latham's NMM technique. I tried to find reference to it using search function here and at Google with no luck. Can you direct me to information about his technique? Is it a WD article? If so, do you know the issue number or date?

    Thanks for your help.

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    @mattrock - It's a White Dwarf article. #363 April 2010. One of the best tutorials I have read from WD!

    Here is another project I started, the Limited Edition Sorceress... tried using some glazing techniques on the skin, and for a first real attempt (meaning sticking through it and not getting frustrated) I am decently pleased with it. I am planning on painting her hair brown, and the dress a rich green.

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    your skins are phenominal elly. her eyes look great, as if to say "hey there big boy"...

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    Turned out nice, chief! You should be quite rightly chuffed =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elly3438 View Post
    @mattrock - It's a White Dwarf article. #363 April 2010. One of the best tutorials I have read from WD!

    Thanks, guy! I'll have to dig back through and find it. Not sure how I missed that one.

    The work in this thread is really top notch. Your skin tones and facial work are outstanding. That Glazing technique you used on the last pic looks really great. Did you glaze right over the primer or onto a base color?

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    Jeff, the skintones are looking amazing on the princess. You can imagine what I'll be asking about next time I see you. Will you be doing any freehand on the dress or keeping it simple to emphasize the shading?

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    Thanks for the comments!

    @ Drescher - I haven't decided what to do on the dress yet. I may just keep some simple freehand around the wrists. I haven't started it yet so what do you think would be cool?

    @mattrock - I just basecoated with Tallarn Flesh (really watered down, the foundations are so thick) and then glazed with 3 different colors: P3 sanguine base, Scorched Brown, and Black + a dab of Hawk Turquoise for the deepest areas and definition. Then for highlighting I used P3 Midlund Flesh and P3 Menoth White Base (50/50), that same mixture but added white to it, and pure white very sparingly. Then went back over with a few washes of Tallarn + Midlund over everything, and worked everything again until it looked pretty much the way I wanted it.

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    Most "medieval" style dresses I've seen in green ususally have some type of metallic accents going on like these:

    Besides, with your ability to paint gold well, it plays to your NMM skills there

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