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    Default Fan' Fig' : a new french webzine about miniatures

    Hello everybody!

    I'm Fred, i'im french and i've 34 years old, and first sorry for my english. It may be a little bad sometimes. ^^)

    So, i 'm here to introduce you a new french webzine about miniatures. It's free and online, and it is quarterly : March 21th, June 21th, September 21th and December 15th. you can see Wip about painting and sculpting. It's to the collectors and to the players. The topics approached are fantastic and medifan univers.

    The first number went out in December and here is supporting second. You can downlod them here :

    Number 0 / December 2009 :

    Number 1 / March 2010 :

    For the next numbers of Fan' Fig', I shall like to have english articles as a broader community. I don't want to do an english Fan' Fig but regroup french and english in an only one webzine.

    So if you are interesting, contact me! Email is in the Webzine

    see you later!

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    Hello Cerbere Fred...

    well... which is the adress of your site? I did not find it in your contact info...

    And are all article in french? I f yes, well... unfortunatally. I wont be able to read even one. Do you translate this article some day? I mean, not to make one publication for one language additionally, but only to translate...

    Greetnigs, TAggi
    How do you know, that Taggi has been assimilated to borg: "Rezitanz fiutail ist."

    Sorry for violating the english language.

    Please rate my comments, even if there is critism in it, as a personal point of view. I do not have the absolute truth in minature painting and every word said by me is only a suggestion, that may be thought over or simple ignored. So, happy painting!

    And my own Dragons:

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    Hello Tagamoga!

    To see the website, just clik on the thumbnail

    the first two numbers of FF are really in French. As for translating whole number into English, we have not for the time and team for the moment. But some WIP, why not!

    In fact, I would like to see English WIP regrouped with french WIP in the same Fan' Fig'. It will be easier for the team FF

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    Yeah, French website. It's good for all the French people around here (like me) but you'll have to translate it one day into English if you want it to be more popular. Bonne chance pour la suite.

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    There is 2 topics open about FF. To the follow, just here :

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