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    Default Fan' Fig N°1

    Fan 'Fig' No. 1 is released, find the zine on the site.

    At your disposal a searchable online version and a downloadable pdf.

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    Looks good, shame it's not in English. I did try dropping the text into a web translator but the pdf is locked to stop copying so that didn't work.

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    I really like it, though French isn't a language I am confident in I can make out enough to give me a good idea what is going on and also trhe pictures tell alot on their own. Excellent stuff.

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    Very good. Happily I'm French.

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    My french is... non-existant Oui, Moi!

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    Hello everybody!

    I'm Fred, I lead the Fan' Fig' team.

    Why Shame because it's french? No! it's great! ^^)

    Seriously, if i post the webzine on CMON, it's to have a total return of the community. In France, the beginning is great and was of our hope beyond. I wanted to know how would be received this project if we include WIP in English with French wip. For the moment, I think about it. It's a project and seems to be a good idea

    give yours opinions!


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    I think it would be more readily accepted here if there were English translations of the text as alot if not most of the community is English speaking, though for me I really don't mind it being in French I am just rusty and it does give me a challenge to try and translate it myself.

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    Really good mag - my french is not so good anymore, but it's easy enough to work out what's going on - and the pictures definitely help!

    Rather looking forward to seeing more

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    Good news for those who do not read French: afterwards discuss with the FF team, a party of the webzine is going to be translated into English.

    delight you! ^^)

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    Tres bien, merci pour le traduction Anglais.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cerbere_fred View Post
    Good news for those who do not read French: afterwards discuss with the FF team, a party of the webzine is going to be translated into English.

    delight you! ^^)

    That is great new. Thank the team for us.

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    Great news indeed many thanks to you and your team for doing this,

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    I'm finding that it loads really slowly, and has repeatedly crashed my pdf viewer (preview). Is there something I can use that's better for viewing pdfs with many large high resolution images?

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    The best free e-zine on miniature painting ever.

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    Really it to continue to be free or will it be a charge as it get established?
    Lots of great painters and pictures going on there also... are we free to place your pdf links on blogs etc to get the word out?
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    Fan' Fig will stay free for a long time. ^^'

    And of course you can place the pdf links on blogs, etc... And more if a tiny English Fan' Fig' becomes a reality, it's interesting

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    This is very cool. An English version of this would be sweet. I was able to copy and paste text from it here at work into google translator so if anyone really really needs something translated just send me a PM or email, and i'll do my best to get it back to you.

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    You can wait the englis version too, it's more easier than use google translator ^^).

    We're translating somes steps by steps and when it's ready, i'ill post them!

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    thanks very much, to all the FF team for doing an english version
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