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    Default Steel Legion sergeant conversion

    My latest work is converted steel legion sergeant with bolt pistol and chainsword. This trooper is a member of assault troops and he is also having some grenades and carapace armour.

    As you can see, I used cadian trooper as base and did some minor changes to it. I added some armour plating and made it approx 1mm taller. head is from Rackham AT-43 steel trooper but I added gas mask or respirator that came with cadian command box.

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    This is very good.

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    Gotta second Cheelfy, this is very good.

    Have you got any more of these guys?

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    I look forward to seeing the paint complete, its a nice figure

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    The armor is simply superb!

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    Real nice love the colors look forward to seeing it finnished

    if you want to add photo's so u can see them on your thred use this - URL=http://???.jpg]IMG]http://???.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

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    Thanks for comments.

    Have you got any more of these guys?
    No. Unfortunately I don't have any more of those. I do have more extra Rackham steel/star trooper heads and even couple of those respirators but the main problem is, that Cadian command box comes with only one lower body with a longcoat. I just wanted that to look like steel legion/death korps trooper. Mask and helmet makes him more steel legionare that trooper from krieg where thay have more sinister* looking gas masks (grenadiers have skull shaped masks) and different looking helmets.

    *not that this particular sergeant would look too friendly either.

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    looks pretty cool!

    looking forward to see the finished 'n painted thing ...

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    Wowowow! I like what you did to the uniiform. Can't wait to see more progress.


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