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    As you all may or may not know, I recently translated the rules for Divination. They were pretty simple, but now that I\'m reading through the Confrontation rules, things are getting to me. For example, it says the rules for weapons are in Rag\'Narok... which isn\'t out yet!! How the heck are you supposed to play when you can\'t use a weapon? I think this is VERY important, because if you spend 5 extra points per model for them to be equipped with a halbred instead of a sword, it should actually do something! I know most of the rules for special weapons of characters and shooting weapons are on the cards, but what about the rest? And what exactly is Rag\'Narok? From all I\'ve read, I assue it\'s war on a larger scale with armies fighting wars and not small skirmishes like Confrontation is.. Oh, well.. so much for translating.. :P

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    Oh, I just remembered, the above holds true for armor.. I mean, a Griffon Templar in full armor should get extra defense like it says in the book, but it might as well be wearing nothing cause it isn\'t detailed in the rules!!

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    Am I just talkin to myself in this forum?
    Yes, you are....
    AGAIN?!?! :P

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    did you ask the fine people over on the confrontation_en yeehaw!group?

    very helpfull people over there...

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    Reread your translation.
    Confrontation is a simplified rule set in which all of the weapons and equipment, except those with special features requireing special rules, are included in the stats on the side of the card. Basically if the figure has a weapon it has a higher power to it\'s attacks than a figure without one, if it has armor it has a greater defensive value.

    Rag\'Narok is supposed to include all sorts of jerky little nuances for the obsessive compulsives among us who need to see a point value for every nail file depicted on the figure. The cards are probably going out the window when you switch to Rag\'Narok. Considering the cost of the figures, and the fact I only seem to like the elite section of all the armies, I\'ll be sticking with the cards. ;)

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    I think you can find an official translation on the Rackham\'s site :

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    No no no, listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth! :D In Micheal Tsdel\'s translations it said something about there beings seprerate rules for equipment. However, after reviewing the cards I think the change is in the profile already. his would account for the extra strength on halberdiers. I was just wondering if these extra rules said something else, ei: spears can strike a base wisth away...

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    Hi there everyone (I\'m new here...). OK, I do buy Ravage mag and have read through all the news about Rag\'Narok and Confrontation on the French sites (I\'m from Spain and can read French, but sadly not speak or write it -yet).

    Things ARE as follows: The cards are used BOTH for confrontation AND Rag\'Narok. In Confrontation, you just use the mini profile, and any special abilities the mini may have, both of which are printed on the card. If the mini has any ranged weapon, the weapon\'s profile will also be on the card. Any special/magical equipment is in separate cards.

    In Rag\'narok, you use all this, plus all the thingies listed under \"Equipment\" on the card, descriptions of which cannot be found on Confrontation rules, such as \"Armour of the Lion\" and the like. All these pieces of equipment will be described in Rag\'Narok, since they are used there.

    Incidentally, I\'d say that in Rag\'Narok you cannot \"buy\" equipment for your troops. If you want -say- a lancer regiment, you must use a lancer mini, not a swordsman with a lancer attached. Nobody keeps you from making conversions, but the point is that the effect of weapons and armour IS included in the mini\'s profile on the card, so you\'d at least need the corresponding card.

    Hope it clarifies things a bit...

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