What other artwork do you do?
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Thread: What other artwork do you do?

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    Default What other artwork do you do?

    It's obvious everyone here does miniature work. But what other kinds of art do you guys do? I paint and draw all the time. Post some pictures of your work! here's some of mine:

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    ^ WIP on a drawing of Orion, bassist of Behemoth.
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    ^ won an award for this one last week.

    I have some other more colorful stuff but I couldn't post it for some reason...

    So what have you all done?

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    I've started drawing and painting some during this last year. I've uploaded some of the things I've done to DeviantART.

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    I do some drawings and digital art. I used to do quite a lot of 3D modelling as well but I kinda got bored of it.

    got myself a deviant as well but I'm not a frequent updater there. http://silverrosen.deviantart.com/gallery/
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    I take pictures of peoples insides but I get paid to do that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    I take pictures of peoples insides but I get paid to do that...
    Lol. I had that done to me about 6 months ago. It wasn't pleasant! It involved me, a doctor, about 1,5m of 2cm thick tube and a camera. It was more of a live-footage session though:P I believe that the motto above the door to the docs office was "To go where no man has gone before". Damnit, it would be worth the years of studies just to be able to have that sign above your door, doing what you do!

    I used to draw a lot, digital art aswell. I loved drawing outlines, scanning, and then do the coloring in PS. Never do it now though

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    I haven't done any art work for years but I was a partner in a small studio that did some
    Done airbrush artwork and technical pen art but haven't scanner them yet.
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    I do pastels,pen & ink, pencil, Prismacolor, acrylics, watercolors, some oils, as well as some digital stuff, logo work,etc. Some recent stuff - mostly last couple of months - is posted at: http://s946.photobucket.com/home/Rebaud22 if you're interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    I take pictures of peoples insides but I get paid to do that...
    Yep had a few endoscopes done to me. Damn doctor didn't even have the good manners to buy me a drink first. :0

    Outside of Mini's:-
    Photography, but nowhere as good as Spacemunkies work
    Dabble with Watercolours
    Done a couple of Bob Ross Oils, simple and easy way to relax and yes you can do them inside of ½ hour.
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    Once a year, I buy myself a new sketchbook, whether I need it or not. I usually don't. I just doodle a lot, and leave most of the pictures completely unfinished.

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    Did a range of things back at art college. Wish I'd kept up with print screening, could have been a cheap way to make cool t-shirts and the like.

    Only really kept up sketching, pencils and pen&ink drawings. There's something appealing about those mediums for me, and a 9B pencil is one of the sexiest things this side of naughty.
    Character pics mostly, and some concept work around that whole geeky hobby shebang.
    Moved into similar with digital art - doing up graphic sigs and web banners for myself and friends.

    Enjoyed a foray into web design, with a focus on the design aspects rather than the tech heavy aspects, and reckon once I've cleared my head of the anxiety fug I'll get back on that horse. Found it rather exciting, with something new always around the corner to be absorbed into how one renders the creative ideas- or rather, how one shapes those creative ideas knowing just what is actually possible for the system to support.

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    Hack photographer and poet. Dabbled in canvas painting as well - oh and the occasional wall or door.
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    I also draw, and occasionally try to colour in Photoshop - my DA gallery:

    A couple of sketches:

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    i don't take normal photos, it's normally xrays or mri scans. never put a camera up someone but have been there when they are putting them down...

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    I'll need to contrive of a better set up for photographing this one, but this is a painting by Dauber22 that's currently mystifying my first sergeants*

    *You think they'd never seen fine art in a military dorm before.

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    Here's a few of mine.

    I'm going to have to try and get a better pic of this one, it's a little washed-out.

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    I've got a deviantart account too. Added you guys who posted links.

    Here's mine: http://taintedbrush.deviantart.com/


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    Great stuff guys! I used to go to art school over ten years ago, did a ton of drawing and painting but I kinda stopped everything after until I picked up mini painting again about 4 years ago. I would really love to get back to drawing and painting again sometime~
    @Roger - I really like your style, interesting work!

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    BarstoolProphet: Once a year!?!?!?! I'm lucky if a sketchbook lasts me a MONTH!
    Dedwrekka: Thanks for posting that for me.
    For anyone wondering,that's part of Watkins Glen -one of my favorite places on Earth.

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