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    Default Avatar in Forum vs. Gallery

    My apologies if I'm missing something obvious. I have just tried to updated my avatar. It updated on the forum, but my pages in the gallery continue to show my old avatar. When I hit the Your Account link from the gallery it sends me to the forum profile page, so I assume that's where I'm supposed to change things?

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    I'll fix this when I'm back in the office on the 5th.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Thanks for the reply! Good to know it's not just me missing something obvious. :->

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    Ok this issue has been sorted, everything should be propagated correctly now.
    I like it firm and fruity!

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    Similar problem... Avatar changed in the forum, but cmon still uses the old link in the personal gallery (results in no displayed image), but shows correct new image when voting on single pictures.

    Edit: It has arrived now.
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