Some Hot Girls, and a Couple of Real Dogs
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Thread: Some Hot Girls, and a Couple of Real Dogs

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    Default Some Hot Girls, and a Couple of Real Dogs

    It's been quite some time, but I've finally gotten around to updating my CMON gallery. So now it's only six months behind, instead of 18 months. I'd enjoy any votes and comments you might have the time or inclination to give!

    Perdita Ortega from Wyrd -
    An Elf Druid -
    Cyndria Wavecaller, Pirate (kinda NSFW) -
    Ametrine Earthlyte, Dwarf -
    Shug Avery from the Colour Purple -
    Eriu Gael Champion -
    Cersei Lannister, a GRR Martin character -
    A couple of real dogs -

    Dionne here is my most important gallery addition, because she is being auctioned off to support the Little Angels charity fundraising drive at the WAMP forums. ( Larger pictures and more views are available on the gallery page:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Phew! that was an epic task! Don't leave it so long next time, I'm exhausted

    Nice work Wren, voted on 'em all and left a few comments here and there
    My Gallery <IMG SRC=> Paragon Studios

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    Thanks Mick! I'm a bit loony about posting them in order (though as I start to come back to stuff and touch up more and more, in order of what becomes a question...). I didn't have pictures of one for a long time, and all the others got backed up behind it. And then I did have pictures and was just lazy and disorganized. ;->

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    Best Discuss Submissions thread title ever


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    You never disappoint Wren!

    Fantastic stuff...voted/commented on all.

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    Very good minis. I jsut love Dione and the dogs.

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    some great stuff. dionne was the highlight for me. also love the dogs and the cactus

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    Hi Wren, there's some lovely work there, a nice update to your Gallery indeed

    Had a vote & the highlights for me were Perdita's hair, Ametrine's metallics esp. purple element & Eriu for being a mini I'd normally dismiss but your paint made me stop & look

    Dionne is a top quality piece of work, excellent. A touch of gloss to the base slime would suit me though Good luck in the auction/comp.

    Cheers, B.
    My CMON Gallery Rank...

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    i really enjoy voting on your minis, so this was a real treat on a saturday morning. post the rest already. :P

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    Thank for the comments everyone! I really appreciate it! I've got touch-ups to do on my most recent Iron Painter stuff, so it'll likely be a month or two before I post again. But I will definitely be trying to kick my own butt to not leave it so long every again! Not sure how I'm ever going to top this thread title, though. :->

    I'm only pimping it again because it's for charity - my auction of Dionne ends tonight if anyone was thinking of making a bid and helping Tommy's.

    Thanks again!

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    thank you for showing these, wren. beautiful work.

    and thank you for reminding me that i'm just a paint slopper.
    maybe one day i'll screw together the courage to post some of my own, but now, i'm just not worthy.

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    Excellent works, Wren. I especially like Cersei and the dogs.

    All these PJ make me want to pick up the brush. Stop it!!!!

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