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    Default Skink test model

    Currently a WIP. Working on getting the color scheme down.

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    I like it!!

    Is it representing a poison dart frog color scheme?

    My one critic is a little bit more shading on the blue--a wash would help it.

    Keep it up

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    That's awesome, I've pondered color schemes probably based on the same species of frog. I think the blending up to brighter blues on the hands/feet should be a wee bit more distinct to match the real thing, but otherwise I like the scheme.

    If you're looking for a nice wash for the bronze/brass weapons, try something along the lines of a Scaly Green / Hawk Turquoise wash. Works great, just make sure it's thin enough to make a subtle patina effect instead of making it totally blue

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    Hello EC40K,

    Nice COC but the eyes make it a little bit much coloured. With this red you have got all primary coulures in it. Perhaps it would be better to change the eyes color to green?

    A little improvement on softer blendings would make the model more smooth. the akcents are to hard in my opinion to be compared to a frog.

    Additionally highlighting the skins and scales with bright light colors would add more depth to the model.

    A simple wash would add the blowgum additionally depth.

    But COC is a great deal. It is cool.

    Greetings, Taggi
    How do you know, that Taggi has been assimilated to borg: "Rezitanz fiutail ist."

    Sorry for violating the english language.

    Please rate my comments, even if there is critism in it, as a personal point of view. I do not have the absolute truth in minature painting and every word said by me is only a suggestion, that may be thought over or simple ignored. So, happy painting!

    And my own Dragons:

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    Thanks all for the comments. Yes, my blending does need improvement. That is something that I have been working on lately with my painting. I'll try giving him that wash and highlights tonight to see if I can add a bit more depth.

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    I'd say that test is successful! Cool Color Scheme!

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