Where do I get word engraved metal pieces to put on a plinth
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Thread: Where do I get word engraved metal pieces to put on a plinth

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    Default Where do I get word engraved metal pieces to put on a plinth

    Hey guys, I'm trying to use a peice of metal engraved that says somthing about my model its name ect to put on the front of the plinth. where would i get this? thanks guys.

    An example being like this one http://www.coolminiornot.com/237768
    (preferably a place in the U.S)
    Thanks everybody!
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    Hmm, I once posted a link to an article on how to make your own using acetate and a printer or photocopier. I can't seem to find it. If I do, I'll let you know.

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    Any trophy shop can do it, too. Just the plates probably aren't too expensive.

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    In the UK, but Name it looks good


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    Pretty much any engraving shop will be able to do it. The local one where I am is called Protouch Engraving but just have a look in the buisness section of your local phone book under engraving and you should be able to find something. If you have something particular in mind you can probably even do it up in AutoCAD, Illustrator or even MS Word and then e-mail them a .pdf file which they should be able to duplicate exactly (within the limitations of their equipment). Pricing is usually based on the size of the plate not on what goes onto it.

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    You should be able to find a trophy shop near you. They are all over the place. Most of the youth sports leagues, schools, etc get their trophies from local shops.

    I found a trophy shop just a couple miles from my house. It was a couple dollars per plate and they were done really quickly. Plus you get to see all the plate designs/sizes in person, which can really help your decision.


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