Hi all,
Now that the forums have a nice new look, how about updating the scoring system for minis?

divide into 3 sections each score out of 10

a) Figure: Judge on scale, proportions and realism of pose (with a standard score of say 7 for standard or unmodified commercial minis, GW etc)
b) Painting: Choice and application of colour, and shading / highlighting etc
c) Advanced: Techniques including blending, freehand, NMM, basing etc

So a superbly painted (potential golden daemon winner) with an unmodified mini could only score a maximum of 27, whereas a converted figure to the same standard would be capable of getting the maximum 30. An average tabletop figure with standard paint, nothing fancy, no conversion should score around 12.

Dividing up the votes will show obvious sniping, and give the artist direction on improvement.