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Thread: H:Large assortment of SciFi/Fantasy (mostly GW), W: $$, CMON Store Minis

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    Default H:Large assortment of SciFi/Fantasy (mostly GW), W: $$, CMON Store Minis

    Hey everyone! I'm still in the process of reducing my excess holdings, especially as I have a nice new expensive prescription to pay for (could've been a LOT worse, though.)

    I'm mainly looking to sell, but I'm also interested in the following minis that are available at the CMON store, and I'm willing to trade rather favorably for them. Anything marked with an asterix (*) is cash-only (or cash-mostly; I can do partial trade/purchases).

    Dark Sword Guinea Pig Samurai (Priority!)
    Dark Sword Sad Panda (Priority!)
    CMON Lillian Grace, Eternal Warrior
    CMON Vampire Countess (Priority!)
    Studio McVey Lt. Kara Black
    Hasslefree Dione (both variants), Jess, Witch Hazel, McKenzie, and Signee

    Now for my Haves list!

    Photographs of almost everything are HERE. I'm trying to keep everything up-to-date, but some things are still a bit off.

    There's quite a bit, so be sure to look at everything. Bases for 'most anything are available on request.

    Prices do not include shipping. Payment can be made with cash, check (subject to holding,) money order (Postal MOs are my favorite, including CanadaPost,) and PayPal (MUST come from bank/PP account funds- no credit cards.) $10 minimum (including shipping) for PP, or be prepared to mark it "Personal- Money Owed" to sidestep the new fees they dumped on us personal users. I'm perfectly willing to wheel and deal a bit if you're buying a lot!


    Mekton: Operation Rimfire - $8
    3.5 Grenadier characters (PRG and Flamer) -$5 the lot
    1 Grenadier Powered Armor (has extra right arm- assault cannon!) - $4
    3 DaemonBlade Ratskins - $4
    Critter Commando “Ratzis” - $4 the lot (there’s at least one more unpictured)

    2 Lektra Vassals. $2 the pair Pending

    Ral Partha Mad Modeller - $1.50
    Ral Partha Chemist - $1.50
    1:144-scale models (some partially assembled, missing a missile here and there) – Make offer for lot
    1:48 Models – Make offer for each or the lot (2 are gone, I forget which ones, dang it...)

    Pit Fighter (NIB) - $5 Pending

    Warhammer Fantasy
    3 Witch Elves Command, NIB - $8
    Goblin set (Night G. Boss & Standard-bearer, 2 goblins 2/spears&Shields, 1 old orc drummer) - $8
    Kislev Ice Queen with horse- $6
    *3 Chaos Dwarves (the COOL ones, not the goofy Big Hat ones) - $35
    Master of the White Wolves w/Barded horse - $6
    Old-style Cold One - $4
    Plastic Chaos Warrior - $2
    OOP GW Characters (Talisman, Dungeonquest, etc.) $6 each
    Old Elf - $1
    Marauder War Gryphon - $12
    Beastmen chief on chariot (NIB)
    Empire Griffon Standard-Bearer (NIB)

    Warhammer 40K

    *Epicast Falcon tank (rare discontinued design) - $70

    *1 Nid Hive Tyrants (NIB) - $33
    *6 Carnifexes (NIB) - $30 each
    4 Monstrous Arms sets (NIB) - $3.50 each
    2 Biomorph sets (NIB) - $3.50 each
    Spider Tyranid - $4

    Callidus Assassin - $5
    *14 Mordians (Sergeant, Melta, 2 Grenade Launchers, 10 Lasguns) - $45
    DA Captain Azrael + helmet bearer - $10
    DA Librarian Ezekiel - $8

    2 Plastic Marines 2/ Plasma Cannons - $10
    *Metal SM Dreadnought - $25

    Chaos Bits - $1.50

    Painted Wraith Picture here- $15

    *Escher Babe w/ 2 power swords - $6
    Warrior Woman from Target Games (sculpted by Kev White, sans sword) - $2

    Blood Bowl
    *Grim Ironjaw (NIB) - $8

    Trollblood Axer (tab file from bottom of feet)– $7 Pending
    Painted Dire Troll Mauler (picture here- $25

    Hobby Supplies
    2 Citadel sculpting Tools (NIB) - $3 each 1 Pending
    1 Citadel Pin File set (NIB) - $6
    2 Green Stuff (NIB) - $6 each
    1 Citadel Basing Kit (NIB) - $11
    2 Skull Packs (NIB) - $5 each

    *40K Rulebook (like new) - $35
    Codex: Necrons - $10
    Codex: Witch Hunters - $10
    Codex: Imperial Guard (previous edition) $5
    White Dwarf (Gaunt's Ghosts issue) - $2 Pending
    Eisenhorn: Hereticus (library copy, great condition) - $2
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