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    nice stuff as always, the chainglaive feels very nightlordy

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    ding! and the money goes to skarecrow! night lords indeed.

    and here i thought you guys knew your space marines, d'oh! didnt the chain glaive give it away? :P

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    to be honest i might have cheated being a 30k nightlords player (mostly collector by now but still), dominus nox and what have you...

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    another shot from the workbench, the ogryns are 99% done now phew, just 3 bayonets left to paint. then time to finish that marine...

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    Looks like a comic book character just popped into 3d nice job.

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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    nice, has some serious pop. great contrast , nice job

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    continued to paint that space marine a little, man i already miss gw plastic. this old metal mini's surfaces is all but perfect.
    death watch shoulderpad has been dremels, sanded, smoothed and sworn over loads.

    in progress!
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    Gorgeous colours there and nice free hand. As ever the nmm is spot on. Just noticed machete is gone
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    thanks mate!
    yeah machete is gone, not by me though he became a victim of stupid stupid photobucket.
    but right now i mostly nmm anyway so i guess its for the better

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    The ogryns look great! And of course the work on the shoulder pad for the marine is fantastic. That will be another stunning piece I'm sure

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    Outstanding work, these ogryn’s look incredible... and those bases are superb, really makes everything standout!!!

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    Grattis till ännu en vinst!
    Congrats on your GD trophies!

    /En annan Göteborgare

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    tack! / thanks! / danke! etc

    i really sould be updating this thread once a while, but as the fb/instagram pages im slacking bigtime with updates. anyway, this guy was awarded a bronze demon this weekend. more stuff soon.

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    Lovely piece Skelettets, the colouration/texture work on the wings made it for me and was a well deserved win.

    Having seen Sprokets pic on his thread I realised I hovered right behing you and Ten nect to the cabinets whilst waiting on the judging...should have said hello in hindsight.

    Great work...looking forward to full pics of the awesome Night Lord.

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    Great work, love the character in this piece.

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    He look awesome some kind of snotty humorous super mutant! great Greens!

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    very cool paint job, really like the colour scheme I like that you have a good but of neutral colour in there to tame the green and it has some really nice contrast overall as well.

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