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    dettol work fairly well its the primer which is the issue i think, turning it very sticky. but some rounds scrubbing will probably do the trick

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    When you scrub it make sure the toothbrush is dipped in dettol first. If it is wet with water it causes the removed paint to go all gloopy do not let water go any were near the mini until you have thoroughly scrubbed it in fact wash it off first with neat dettol. Obviously don't soak it in dettol just give it a quick rinse pat it dry and then a quick clean with soapy water.
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    wow very long time no cmon. been on vacation both from painting and work and this week ive been with jr who just started school. time bloody flies folks, crazy!

    just one day to work (and it feels like i actually have to work, seeing the pile of papers on my desk... ugh), ill head for uk early tomorrow and AoS open day.

    last figure i worked on, he is finished now but this is a wip picture, painted in about 10h (in this picture) the last few days it feels like im getting some speed in this finally. guess working on a tight timeframe make you not to overthink stuff like i usually do.

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    Looking good.
    Should see you there mate
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    cool to hear lee. i'll be sightseeing Nottingham with Conrad tomorrow, you know Jerusalems pub and that stuff he heee, too bad you aint avalible

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    I haven't logged in in a long time, but for this I have to. I'm so glad to see you painting Khorne! Looks great so far, loving the tones. I will be watching this!

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    I'm ALL BOUT THOSE BLOODREAVERS!!! Super tight !!! Lively!!

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    Congrats to my friend stefan on two silvers and a gold at golden demon
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    Congrats on this superb result!


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    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Well done! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations man!
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    hey thank you folks. was a blast at wh fest much thanks to Lee and Conrad for the company, not often enough mates congrats to Lee for his bronze in regiment (har har har) and silver in unbound. Seems like some of the rules changes for every GD so have to watch out with the duels in the future. Also funny that an orc megaboss is not in monster category but my crypt horror was, kind of not making sense (not complaining though )

    back to work for real now, back to real life and everything. feels my life starting to settle down and become normal after the shitty spring where my mom passed away fighting cancer for a year, leaving my whole family in a wreck.

    so, starting a new wip and now im hoping to update this thing a little more often; one of the minis i bought at AoS open day this undead wight lord (krell) unfortunately in bloody finecast and seriously ill have to see if its good enough to paint after all cleaning and building. spikes with skullz on his back was the first to go because of air bubbles and actually lost details, but i was about to remove them anyway so...
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    It was great to see you again mate, I know you were zoned out at Salute because of your sad news so it was good to see you smiling again
    And good to see you win a gold demon again!
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    cheers mate, feeling a lot better

    just uploaded the crypt horror i won silver with in the monster category, here

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    congrats on the show and glad to here that life is settling down for you.

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    You are sick in the pants dude!!!!
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    great paint, sorry about your mom. i went through that. I hope the next surprise life gives you is a good one rather than that o_O
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