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    Dra inte alla över en kam. There are plenty of kickstarters that aren't doing it for the first time, and have a solid track record.
    On the other hand you have different fingers.

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    well according to my book its pretty much a thing that ks/indiegogo is delays at least ½-1 years, no matter how pro its ran. corvus corax delivered very fast though

    anyway, finished the guy more or less, painting the base now. going to be some dust/weathering on the shoes after he i based. metals look crap here but better irl!

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    also, started a base for another mini
    Name:  DSC_2071.JPG
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    Nice skin and base looks ace much dynamic with the figure

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    cheers mates
    finished, refreshed painting non gw stuff, will be more of that in the future. no reason painting more for GD when there in no normal one in sight.

    happy with this one! base is painted very much just with pigments and oil/enamel washes, skull excluded. still no good photos, but you know me... heh
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    ...onto new projects
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    Looks awesome. The base is really neat as well. Where's the skull from?

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    thanks mate!

    the skull, i believe its from a gw troll or something, got it in a bit box. it was attached to a club sort of.

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    great work skele, love the way you have got things hanging off the base.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    great work skele, love the way you have got things hanging off the base.
    Completely agree with Ten. They give a nice "flow" of energies ^^
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    Sterling work, Skel - love the brick basing. Kinda makes me think of the hole in the wall in Harry Potter. Agree too with ten and Maenas: the materials spilling off the base work really well.

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    Great paint, and fantastic work with Base. Awesome idea with monster skull. Superb

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    He brute looks great and the earthy reds of the base compliment it perfectly. Watcha doing next?

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    thanks folks, happy with the project

    next one is another corvus corax miniature, wip pictures will be up soon!

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    Woo love the miniand bar is exciting with that skull! The brick bar reminds me of the robo cop mini. Love the tones and the red/purple cloth.

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    cheers mate

    ok next one mini thats going to be running through the brick wall. "Ulsor". another corvus corax mini. guess i should be painting the head soon so you see what he looks like. crab-face

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    That bursting wall looks awesome! I'm eager to see your WIP on that project, as I have never been very happy with my results when painting/pigment-ing those great Juweela bricks you're using. People get great results, but I, so far, am not people... Please lift the veil! Cool mini, too.

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    That's going to be a great scene. It's going to have a lot of movement in it. I like the purplish skin tones you've got.

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    you stole that skull from me! it´s from the gw plastic giant=)

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    ooh great to catch up on your projects. That skin is just full of lovely tones!

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