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    Sweet, off to an excellent start. I look forward to seeing your take on these guys.

    Yeah, TMM is a pain to photograph. The pictures look great so I can only imagine how awesome it must be in person!

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    oh gosh skel that looks absolutely gorgeous! it makes me want to see the real thing
    how did you make the whirls on his armor?
    i'd make you a sandwitch, but cannibalism is illegal in my country.
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    thank you friends!
    meaty its etched brass, cut n paste job from an etched gate. a bit fiddly to glue but i think it turned out pretty cool

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    How does he do people ask..How does this man keep coming up with each and every model better than the it it his talent ....maybe his patience...or something more sinister....yes....that is it....he is plainly..THE SWEDISH ASSASIN CHEF!!! Remember his name and teach it to your younglings!!!

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    thanks skel, and yea it turned out really awesome.

    BAM, does that make our him our version of the stig?
    i'd make you a sandwitch, but cannibalism is illegal in my country.
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    Uhhh yes.. :-/ lolol

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    Looking forward how this develops... loving all those greens and grimmy colours.. the curly additions gave them a more distinctive look which I like a lot, something like much more gothic and epic than without.
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    Good luck at Salute, Stefan! Bring back some trophies!!
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    thank you friends.

    ill do my best Anders although i will spend an hour or two at Andys place repairing stuff tonight to begin with, not the best start. it really is a big disadvantage to have to travel by plane with this shit...

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    Prit stick with sparkles and sellotape all ready for you pall!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ritual View Post
    Good luck at Salute, Stefan! Bring back some trophies!!
    Some, Some!
    Het got more than anyone else and bloody well deserved too.
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    , and proud of it.

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    All those clocks through airport security?

    So much time spent on stage but as DR said, well deserved.

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    congrats to you all. i want pics of everyone's winning entries in the gallery or on P& P post haste!
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    I second Zab's request for pics and a report back when you have a chance.
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    Congratulations, Skel. I'm looking forward to some glamor shots of your entries!

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    Congrats. I saw the results on Facebook. Awesome job, skel! Yes, please share photos and other details!

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    I just saw the results, congrats! The Hunt is such a cool piece, glad that won.

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    Well well well the slashing chef does it again.

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    Now, that went rather well!
    Combibo vestri peniculus quod fio a melior pictor.
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