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    ty friends

    khavor, yes its a GW model, crypt horrors i believe their names are. larger versions of crypt ghouls.

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    Looking incredible, SkelettetS. I guess you don't need a ton of different colors if you know how to put it on...

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    I keep coming back to your thread Stef, as I'm in love with the crypt horror body so far and cannot rem if I have been saving the image or not so I saved it this time ..again as I now have it in my photos 6 times. Guess I've been saving it.. Really excellent piece of work so far!!!

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    hey folks not much painting here, did the arms of the horror but not much to show yet

    anyone have any experiance with stripping resin? i bough some dettol as i heard that's THE stuff to use. just soak it for a few hours and toothbrush, eh?

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    sometimes, shit happens. lol. not devastated by this though! perhaps ill repaint it someday. no SENMM though!

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    That's twice I smashed it
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    no no no mate its not your fault at all! i blame the mailmen 100% for this. not sure what they were up to but man, some force required to smash it like this!

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    Skel - I usually leave at least 24 hours. Wait for the Dettol to change colour and it will be fine. I have left some a lot longer than this.

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    If you have some wire mesh ( like you'd get from a car repair/body shop ) you can make a small rack to put the models on. Then they don't need to touch the dettol. Put some in the base of the container. Seal it up, the fumes will strip the paint.
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    nifty idea with the wire mesh never thought of that one
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    My advice on dettol- LISTEN to everybody else cause I have no idea whatsoever about any of this shite!!! But I was a huge fan of that SENMM paint job...A great display of talent and patience !!!

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    Yo gang just had results from the Dark Art skull'n'wings competition, i ended up 2nd with the brutis miniature. that means i unfortunately missed the first place army painter paintset prize but i guess i cant have it all...

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    added the cmon link here tear him apart guys! pew pew peeeew

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    Well done mate. Looks an interesting model.

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    Nice one Stefan
    All the training Andy & I have been giving you is paying off
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Nice one Stefan
    All the training Andy & I have been giving you is paying off
    I do believe after studying your masterworks he has reached a new level of painting
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    Wait, what masterworks?
    Can't believe that mini scores 7,5+. But I guess the fact I painted it in 4 hours helps out a bit.

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    Not my favorite mini, but I love what you did with the skin and all of his little cuts and scrapes.

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    My experience with stripping minis is that a vast number of different simple green type cleaners do the job. It really doesn't take that much thinking. Choose a degreaser, let sit for 2-24 hours and wipe off with brush of your choice. A no fuss job.
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