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    Thanks Skel! Yeah, I can see that beastie is a bit on the large size.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleipnir View Post
    Pinky (& the brain brain brain brain brain


    Looks like you've not used your airbrush to start with the basecoat. Any reason for that?


    I am using the holder for several painting.hours and am really suprised how good it improves the handle of a miniature while you're painting. currently all of those holders are sold out, but they will be available from january on again. So no reason to be sad.
    hahaha! What are we doing tonight Brain?

    The same thing we do every night, Pinkie....painting...uh...yeah.

    Thanks for the info though. Yeah, I jumped over to look at them again and check the Euro to Dollar conversion - but the point was moot when I saw they were sold out.

    I pretty much lay the piece I'm working on flat on the table. My clips and holders are what I grab when I need to move it to change the angle. I keep my painting hand in the same position for the most part, and change the angle of the mini. Each time I move it, I hold it upright under my light to make sure I still have the highlights and shadows in the correct position.

    So that's why I was iffy on if it would help or not. I'd probably end up laying it flat on the table like I usually do which would probably defeat the entire point. But if I have to lift my painting hand off the table more than an inch or two to reach the head or top of the mini that's when the tremors really screw with me.

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    Damn, that's a nasty bubblegum pink, great colour. I'm looking forward to how the skin is going to progress.
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    okay, first shading! warlock purple 100%, pretty rough so far this is mostly to point out where the shades are. getting hot!

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    PINKY! That#s going to be an awesome beast mate.

    Did I mention that we meet at GD for 99% ? Just 1 factor left to be sure to go there.

    Do you've thought about painting his feet black? So transition the color from skintone to black? Would make the bottom a lot more interesting in the end.
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    eek! I took one look at that and thought "hey! that's exactly the colour on the back of my neck after spending 7 hours standing in the car park yesterday!"*

    It's looking good so far. I'd tentatively second Sleipnir's idea about black feet. I've always liked that particular look on monstrous minis. regrardless, keep up the good work

    *it was a school event with lots of visitors in cars. It was also about 30 degrees all day
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    black/darken feet can work, itsa good idea. lets se how it turnes out.
    anyway... had to split up the mini in segments to make it handleable, so i am making this step-by-step focusing at this particular side.
    mixed warloch purple with regal blue 50/50 (turning it pretty much plain purple). starting the smoothing process a little, but need mooOOoore colours to break it up and make it interesting. no highlighting so far.

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    It looks better with each new photo! Your a great artist.
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    I really like how the shading works on the face. Really cool!

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    Man I can not wait to see this finished!!
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    ok not that much of action here since ive been out visiting my parents this weekend. but somehting at least...

    added Dark red (vallejo model colour). another mid-colour. sorry blurry pictures here. d'oh.

    added Smoke (vallejo model colour) mostly to the head. hmm. added Red gore (GW) another mid colour. first little highlightning with basecoat(½pink ½elf flesh)+white.


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    some highlightning with stone grey (vallejo model colour). some playing along with more blood red and a little tinting of burbonic brown (gw).

    the slightly bigger picture so far...

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    Woohooooo, this is going to be an kickass paintjob skelly! The skin, specially on the head, turns out great.

    Not glossy so far, take care of it
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    thanks mate, you know i always end up using ink, so some glossyness guaranteed

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    That is greatness, Skells. I was worried at first, but that smoke, and the grays have really made it better. It is starting to look real. I wish I could see this fella in person.

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    wohoo! smoothness=)

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    See? This is the stuff that separates the good from the amazing. Who thinks, "I'm doing pink, so I better add some grey and brown?" Keep it up.
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    The smoothness of the colours is just amazing!! You must have a big stock of patience for achieving that!!

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    Your stuff is always jaw dropping amazing work. That daemon is going to look so bad ass.


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    Must steal your soul! :P It's amazing no surprise! lol
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    Wow very smooth paint job!

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