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    Congratulations Stefan!! ^^
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    Yeah pall congrats on yet more wins your going to have to move to a bigger flat to fit all the trophies!!
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    so with all that gd things over and done its about bloody time to dust off these two projects thats been on my shelf for faaaaar too long. going to be a nice break from the gw stuff i only been painting lately.

    the corvus corax mini, painted like a year ago never came around to finish the base.
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    old enigma mini, sculpted by allan carrasco. the head sucked though (honestly!), so i swapped it with a head from confrontations 'aberration prime' model. still not sure what to do for a base but he will probably be guarding a treasure chest.
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    my hope is to finish these pieces and perhaps a bust for duke of bavaria show in march.

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    Absolutely LOVE than base skele
    Keep going like this and you might win some awards one day
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    Great base on the corvus chap (got to say I really like the corvus stuff I'm going to have to slap some paint on the ones I've got soon!)

    Does this Allan one have a great big willy on it as well?
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    nope, think he did this just before he started with the penises on everything. just a sack of nuts on this one

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    Love the corax mini spells.and a big congrats to the man I envy the most.all those beautifully ugly GD demon statuettes.ultra impressive and always love that dark ambiance that your projects give to the viewer. Hail hail hail king chef!!!

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    That base is looking awesome. Are you planning any random bricks to hang from the open side to resemble it falling away ?

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    yes gandalf there will be more random bricks added later so you get more movement in the scene. dont think im brave enough to put bricks on the actual mini though.

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    Wall-smashing base looks even better than I had imagined. So nice & tight, great composition, I can't wait to see it painted!

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    WIP. bloody bricks are really not that exciting to paint, now i know why i kept this on a shelf for that long. some more bricks will be added to get more movement in the scene.
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    also did some playing around with the demons helmet, added some brass n cogs. not going to overdo things like i did on my plague demon though, think this will be enough.
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    Whether you found them boring or not, those bricks look fantastic

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    I've got to agree with Gandalf those bricks look top notch. What paints did you use on the bricks?
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    Beautiful piece skells!!!

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    Is there a secret to building the bricks up like that, or is it just superglue and patience? It seems like the broken side would be too heavy for regular superglue...but then again, they are really tiny bricks lol..
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    yep, its really tiny plaster bricks. superglue works fine but i dont know how many times ive been repairing it. now the whole "inside" of the wall is covered with milliput so it shouldnt break.

    andy, brick are painted with VMC "burnt red" and highlighted with a P3 color i dont remember the name of... some white-yellow-ish color. some scaly green in the shading, makes it look dirtier.

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    It´s okay I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    It´s okay I guess.

    Looking great Skel

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    Loving the Corvus figure and vignette , really enjoy how your able to put the cartoony feel mega contrast with realistic weathering andyou pull it off. Well done Skel.
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    hehe cheers friends. and you too ischa. lol.
    terrafirma, yeah this was a littlebit of a concern as it not always go to well hand-in-hand, but i think the turquoise oil washes worked really well thankfully

    anyway basically done just some small details left. soon also with the mini on there!
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    unless someone have a bright idea to hot up the backside..

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