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    Cheers mates, glad you like my work

    Bloodfather, yeah that's it, scraped chaos shields. Oh and I'm not sure we speak of the same thing here, but nevermind.
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    lol...I left a comment on your last submission that was practically all swear words. Just to keep DR on his toes and because he likes erasing my comments
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    Voted. Your a masterclass painter Skell, no doubt in my mind at all.
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    cheers mates. ive had doubt to keep up the online gallery at all but im glad i finally was able to upload some pictures of my work.

    anyway, you folks know the feeling when you drop the 9.7 scoring silver demon winning regiment at the floor? bloody awesome! was afraid it went the same way as primus death, (who is dead in more than one way nowdays) but thank god nothing happened to the paintjobs. was a bit sweaty though! thank god it was no metal miniatures.

    now for some duel update. the ogre still miss half the moustache and the left hand is attached to the orcs head which make him look a bit funny.
    just started on the orc.

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    Default almost destroyed your masterpiece? Careful there, buddy!

    As always, your base coat to final product always goes through such a metamorphosis, I am just surprised how saturated he is. Lovely start.

    The he ogre is just so damn good. Love the skin, love the tattoos. Love the metals. I was never a fan of the gut plates in those minis though. Have you considered a conversion there, or is it too late/too much hassle?
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    thanks too awfully close to destroy it, yeah!

    gut plate stays, cant say im blown away by that detail either but too much work at this point.

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    Yeah no matter there, just a question of personal taste
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    Great progress. I have great expectations for this vignette. It'll be cool ...

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    lucky escape with the regiment dude. Love the Ogre. Really nice skin, tats, trousers and metallic (so basically all of it!)

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    little comparison how i used to paint ork in a more "realistic" way, realizing i just have to paint one more of those orks to have a squad so might do that later. i do prefer more satuated green nowdays to really make a strong contrast to everything else.
    this was also the point with the really green grots on the grot tank, to make them almost glow in contrast to the dirty scene.

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    Name:  DSC_1718.JPG
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    i will put the duel project on hold soon as i have two more grot tanks express delivered to my from uk, yeah ill probably head for that tanky gd with a tank squadron

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    I'm a great fun of your "realistic" orks but in this situation I think you are right painting the orc with a more saturated green.

    Grot tanks squadron.....???? Wanna see them...

    Many thaks,

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    Now I see what ur doing with the reddish skinned ogre and the green skinned Orc. Nice use of color.
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    I don't think I have a preference with regards to the realistic v's super saturated Orc skin. Yours are both beautifully painted so it comes down to what style better portrays the mood you're after. That Ogre is looking great buy the way. Really nice pin stripes and tattoos

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    Skel gran obra, el sombreado de rayas son preciosas.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Un reve, je pense. Tous les different langues sont un cauchemar pour le pauvre Skels.

    Mon français et un cauchemar aussi, je peur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    anyway, you folks know the feeling when you drop the 9.7 scoring silver demon winning regiment at the floor?

    A shoe went flying trough my Demon Sword winning Forest Dragon breaking it in about 16 pieces, what save me was it was not pinned but really well glued with epoxy.
    It was not hard to glue back but the shock you had I know. Don't ask me how I am embarrassed.

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    thanks mates ok suddenly my thread went to another level of internationality

    Teronus, yeah i can imagine!

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    I never had anything quite so drastic happen, but I remember having a bunch of painted marines chip in transit - that made me quit painting for, like, a decade. So I imagine a disaster on this scale would probably kill me outright.
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    I never had an award winning piece, so I don't know the pain of breaking one. However, I did snap a wing off this guy while handing it in at Crystal Brush. That was a dreadful moment.

    I love what you're doing with the Orc skin in the duel, it's a great contrast the to Ogre. The realistic Orks look great too, but it's nice to change it up every once and a while.

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