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    Your conscience is clear then! (as will be your bank account if you get this dragon )

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    Cool The dragon has landed!!

    Quote Originally Posted by kittykat23uk View Post
    OMG!! Just seen this!! It's soooooo awesome!! I WANTs it!!!

    She has arrived!! SQUEEE!!! I think I'm in love!!

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    Well I suppose this list needs updating again,

    Just found this thread and thought I might update this

    1. RE Gauth- still on display
    2. RP Bridge of Sorrows- in need of repair
    3. RP Evil Dragon (1)- stripped
    4. RP Evil Crimson Dragon (2)- stripped
    5. AA Dwarf Bane dragon- on display
    6. GW Forest Dragon- on display
    7. GW Chaos Dragon- on display
    8. RP COW Amethyst Dragon- on display
    9. GR Pond Dragon- boxed up somewhere
    10. & 11. RP The Conflict (2 dragons)- broken badly - tails snapped off.
    12. RP Takhisis- on display
    13. JD Scratchbuilt Treasure Dragon- on display
    14. WOTC Black Dragon- on display
    15. RP Dracolich- on display
    16. RP T'Char- recently repaired
    17. AA Granite Claw Dragon - on display
    18. RP COW Gold Dragon- on display
    19. RP The Clutch of Fear- on display- listing slightly
    20. RE Dragons Don't share- on display
    21. RP Fearless Frost Dragon- boxed up somewhere
    22. GR Death Dragon (dracolich)- boxed up somewhere
    23. GW High elf dragon- on display
    24. RE Abyzaraan Forest Dragon- recently repaired in need of touching up
    25. RP Durin\'s Doom- in a box somewhere
    26. RP Riding the Cold wind to Valhalla- on display
    27. MI Scatha the Wyrm- on display
    28. RE Amber Dragon- in a box somewhere
    29. RE T'Raukzul- on display
    30. Revell Dragonheart- on display
    31. GR Dragonrider dragon- in a box
    32. CI Green Dragon- in a box
    33. RP COW Emerald Dragon- in a box
    34. RP Sea Dragon- in a box
    35. GR Faerie Dragon- in a box
    36. RP Dragon- in a box
    37. RP dragon (no wings, asian type). - broken
    38. RP Cold Drake- in a box
    39. RE familiar dragon in a box.
    40. RP Warrior Dragon from the Dragon of the month series.- was broken, now fixed.
    41. FW Fire Dragon - on display
    42. Kaladrax- resurrected and on display
    43. Enormous Metal Dragon - on display
    44. RE fire dragon- on display
    45. RE Shadow dragon - on display
    46. WOTC - young Brass Dragon - on display
    47. Creative beast dragon versus raptors - takes up our dining table!
    48. RE Ebonwrath
    49. . RP The Armoured dragon
    50. TBM Gargantuan Gold
    51. RE Silver dragon
    52. RP Dunkelzahn
    53. Ultraforge dragon

    Unpainted I have:

    1. RP The Antagonists
    2. RP Black Dragon of fire and darkness
    3. TBM My Hero Dragon
    4. RE Highland Hill dragon
    5. AA Doom bringer dragon- sold I think
    6. AA Knight Slayer dragon- sold I think
    7. RE Guardian Dragon
    8. RP Evil Dragon
    9. RE Amber and dragon
    10. Creature caster emperor dragon
    11. Creature caster mountain dragon
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    Sooo...you're saying you have a thing for dragons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
    Sooo...you're saying you have a thing for dragons?
    Quote Originally Posted by kittykat23uk View Post
    Oh my!………………
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    Stumbled upon this thread. Those Elmore dragons are great, did not knew about them, although I discovered dark sword miniatures for they game of thrones miniatures here in these forums also, I did not see the first because their site and references are quite huge.
    Beautiful collection of dragons, congratulations, next thing I'm doing is checking your gallery and voting for them all.
    I just own the five dragons from mithril (Scatha, Smaug vengeance, Smaug with treasure, cold drake and fire drake) the three last being unpainted and the first two trying to be repaired/restored and repainted.
    Would be nice to see them on the display place all together, so don't hesitate to share pictures!
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Thanks. The Golden dragon of chaos was originally a limited edition Ral partha sculpt but has since been re-released by dark sword. I would like to get the Elmore bronze dragon at some point.

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