What was your nickname and why?
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Thread: What was your nickname and why?

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    Default What was your nickname and why?

    When I was a sprout we moved to the city and someone misunderstood Shawn (don't get how this worked) and thought my name was Squash! Uggg, it stuck.............then good ol dave pellegrini decides to change that to Squish. I was shy and took things like that REAL personally. Now it's funny
    WAAAYYY back when, when black and white tv was all there was and 10 stations was the extent of channel choices (believe it or not, there was a benefit to that) there was a kids show called Captain Kangaroo. One of the characters was a simple rabbit puppet called Bun Bun. My mom tagged me with that when I was a toddler and up till she passed a few years ago she would (when no one was around) call me Bun Bun................warms my heart thinking of that one.

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    My first name is John-Paul (you know, like the last Pope?). My first day of Jr. High was in the middle of the year, and the student that showed me around, Keith, told me "that's too long of a name. You're J-P." He then proceeded to tell all the teachers on my schedule that my name was J-P, and it stuck.

    It stuck so well that my grandmother named me J-P in her will. Heck, it stuck so well that some people hear my whole first name and don't even know it's me...I like it, though.
    You see, fate is like a cat. Sometimes it is nice, and lets you pet it, and it sits in your lap. Sometimes it does not care at all and just wanders around ignoring you. Sometimes it farts in your face, scratches you, then coughs up a hairball on your carpet that you have to pick up.

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    Superstock -

    Alright, so this wasn't always a nickname. It was my first name. Requires some explaining to be sure, so here goes. When my mother gave birth to me she went into shock afterwards. She wasn't of much use to anyone after that ordeal, so my Father was given the paperwork. Since my father hadn't been allowed to name the first child (a deal my parents had reached, and my mother later voided) he decided to take some revenge. He named me Superstock. As in Superstock Car Racing. (He's a mechanic) Well when my mother was being discharged from the hospital (and I suppose I was as well) she found out my new name.

    After much screaming, pleading, and crying my father agreed to have it changed to a different name. For a week, I was Superstock. Then I was named after my father to his dismay, and much screaming and pleading commenced yet again. (My father didn't want anyone named after him as he found it to be the most unoriginal practice) Superstock has been an occasionally used nickname for me since.

    By the by, he wanted to name my little brother Merlin.
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    Toblerone, the swiss choclate (a triangle bar) I was called this because i have big shoulders smaller torso. So upside down triangle. I still dont get but get called it. Grr

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    Well I was named after my grandfather...Dragomir ( I know, unoriginal, but traditional )
    I was born in a small northern town that was very WASP..White Anglo Saxon Protestant... in other words English. When my mom registered me into kindergarden school they asked what my name was.....Dragi ( kid name version for Dragomir) What?.....Dragomir What? Don't you have a normal name? Well my second name is Xrisotomos....WHAT!!!!! Closest English name to either name was Chris ( Xris ).
    I went through school right to University hiding the fact my name was Dragomir.
    After that I realized, hey...Why am I ashamed of my name?
    So I'm using my real name more and more but my friend still use Chris.
    Caused a little problem at a former job once.
    I would initial my drawings DXM .
    It took them 3 days to figure who DXM was.
    Spanish Balloons? Mongo like spanish balloons!

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    IdofEntity That is a brilliant story. And evil tendencies that's a cool name, I mean J.P, wish my name was. Most of my nickname's were insult's really, all too do with my hair colour, that's orange or ginger whichever you choose. Ginger Pubes or Ginger Ball's allways made me laugh though. Other then that Iv never really had one.....stu.....

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    Hey Stubert
    I remember a few months ago my Dad was watching Mix Martial art fighting on the TV and it was UK fighters.
    In the interview before the fight they asked one of the fighter about his opponent ( a Red Head )
    His comment, I've never fought a Ginger before.......what?
    Like his hair color will make a real difference.
    Spanish Balloons? Mongo like spanish balloons!

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    Uncle Martin

    Not really a nickname but my parents call me that now and then because I always moan and said once that if I ever get a cat I'd call it Martin whether its a male or female. I guess uncles moan a lot. :P

    I've chosen my side.

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    That's what my older sis called me when I grew up, she still does somethimes... and why?

    Well, My parents wanted to give me a short name so that I wouldn't get any monikers but they never thought about the most important detail when it comes to that sort of thing. Childrens ingenuity. So, my first nick was Ynot, which quickly got upgraded to Spynot. Now, this might look like complete gibberish to those not from Scandinavia but in Swedish, if you say spynot with a slight change in melody you get something that sounds like the Swedish sentence for "Throw something up". yep, I was called a puke. Lovingly of course.

    Then later, in school, people kind of realised that it is a name with a bit of an Italian hint to it so to speak so I quite quicky got the "Italian accent" nick. Which was soon followed by classics like "BuiTony" (a deviation from a pasta-brand), "Tonymacaroni" and later the oh so ingenious "Pasta".

    So much for picking a name that wouldn't generate any nicks...
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    spindly, cos i was skinny

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    Tracy is the real thing
    In my youth it was the boys spelling haunted me...
    I was termed Dick Tracy of course
    Spacey Tracy as I aged
    My step father renamed me when he came at about 11 years old
    My name changed to Bridget ....liked it thought it was kinda like Bridget Bardot
    Oh no... he told me before he passed it was a term for a Irish house maid? Right?
    He liked my cooking and I kept up the house as a kid he explained...
    What a let down.
    Peopled I employed call me the terminator...when I was able to garden I worked my ass off
    and did not like people I paid standing watching me while holding an idle broom or shovel my
    policy was a quick trial period you can tell pretty rapidly since it was heavy labor how they were going to do...
    Winter is Coming...


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    never had one nick names are usually intended as demeaning or embarrassing put downs which seems to be the case with what i've read so far, if its any consolateion freak i wouldnt have called you spindly, probably would have gone for dangly or streak. i've dished out a few and participated in the use of a few in my time and would relate some but pate would only say i was bullying again, aww what the heck i know you wanna know, ARTHUR (his last name was scarhill), SPUNKBUBBLE (last name seaman), MOOOSEHEAD (obvious really also liked canadian beer), BOON (greek cypriate origins looked like a white black man, no offence intended), HOMO (unfortunate last name GAY), BOD (Breath Of Death, nice chap terminal halitosis im talking "have you been eating shite sandwhiches again"?), RAINMAN (amazing with numbers not too lucky with weapons), BLABBER (last name barbour never knew when to shut up terminal social hand grenade), SCALP or TOM TIDDLER (bald as billiard ball very young. bad habit of boinking married women, not his own), BARKING (elevator did not go all the way to the top), DEADHEAD (narcoleptic), PORT (short for portuguese man o war, they have long ones too)...girls are SWEATY (looked like betty boo hence sweaty betty), VERA (smoking hot until she opened her mouth and ruined it all, sounded just like vera duckworth), FOXEYKNOXEY (ironic not foxey at all), HORSE'SARSE (donkeywalloper total airhead),

    pet names are a different thing i have one of those given to me by my wife if i told you i would have to hunt you down one by one and kill you all so i wont.
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    The story of my nickname is a long one, but basically it's because I never quit and always got back on my feet after a hard knock, physically or emotionally. Took a while and started in the army, but word has a tendancy to spread when people meet and thus the affectionate nickname "Phoenix" was born. Huzzah!

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    Between my sis and brother, I'm an uncle 7 times over so.....TA DA!!.....Unkol Shawn or just Unk. What's kind of funny is that after a while I was known to all the cousins, friends and such of the kids as Uncle Shawn. I have felt at times a lot like I was an uncle to the world since I was being called that by family, acquaintances and at times strangers.

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    Pee Wee, started in High school, basically because I was short, came in handy a few times, I could fit into an empty locker (where the cabinet is divided into 4 as seen on a lot of US TV shows)
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    Quote Originally Posted by freakinacage View Post
    spindly, cos i was skinny
    TIM; You're not exactly a Bricksh*t house now, mate.

    Since this is a family friendly forum I'll refrain from some of the ones I had at school.

    My boss sometimes refers to me as "Big Dog"................Don't know why.

    As a "rugrat" one of my nieces was trying to say Uncle Michael and it came out "Unkle Munkle".
    Of course In-laws thought it hilarious, but last laugh seems to be on them as when ever a shoulder is needed to cry on, it's always Unkle Munkle that gets turned too.
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    Didn't need nicknames to get embarassed by. My parents wanted to use rare names. They were hippies so it could have been worse, I could be Moonbeam or something trippy. I don't mind my name now, but as a kid where any difference is leapt upon it wasn't so pleasent. Especially when it can be rolled into something.
    So try, "Jolyon". You probably mispronounced it, most do. Joe-lee-on.
    The folks assured me they took it from the Forsythe Saga, but it can't be coincidence the best man at their wedding was another Jolyon. Wouldn't be so bad if he'd remained a close family friend, but I don't recall him at all. Hardly worth honouring by sticking me with his ruddy name.

    At school I got various plays on "Jolly". Nothing sticky though. Until we moved and I changed schools, this one was more socially advanced with more savvy kids. This lot of pre-teens knew about Tippex which sounded like magic to me, they also knew about condoms and a phrase for them stuck as a nickname for a couple of years. Jolly Bag. What was particularly unpleasent about that nickname was for ages I had no idea what it was. I'd be called it, then asked if I knew what it was. Course, I had to style it out and pretend I did, prompting extra titters when asked to tell them and having to feign disinterest.

    When I changed to teen school I took to abbreviated it to Jo'. Have done ever since. I'd get the occasional "but, you've missed the "e" off the end" but could be mysterious in explaining I couldn't abbreviate my name to Joe with an e as my name wasn't Joseph and didn't have an e in it. As an adult that'd end up with the name revelation spawning "oh, I like it, it's different", and I no longer mind it myself, but as a kid it's like ammo to those with a mind to use it against you

    Wasn't until I was of an age to get into pub culture that I got a nickname. They were rock pubs, and the occasional biker type, and wannabee biker type would frequent them. Some had proper biker nicknames like my friend Grizzly. One guy though wanted such a name and tried in vain to start calling himself Hawk. Everyone called him Budgie instead.
    I got called Goldfish. Cos've my dodgy memory. When they found out I'd had fencing lessons, what with the hair and the goatee the tag of Swashbuckler got added. I still have a fancy to get a sketch of a Swashbuckling Goldfish I doodled done as a tattoo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonsreach View Post
    TIM; You're not exactly a Bricksh*t house now, mate.

    bear in mind I was at least two stone and a half lighter than I am now!

    Mike you forgot doddsy!

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    My was and still is to some

    "Huey" after 'Huey Lewis and the News'

    It was given to me by a school teacher when I was in 2nd year primary.

    My surname is Lewis.............and in school every day we had to wrtie news about what we did the night before, we had to draw a little picture and write a bit. I thought this was a rubbish idea, and decided that each day I would talk about a different type of dinosaur. Hence I never did what the "News" lesson was supposed to be about.

    It's stuck ever since

    Eventually I was forced to stop writing about dinosaurs and to write about mundane stuff.

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    JAH = Joshua Allan Howdeshell...
    it's been my family nickname for as long as i can remember, because it's the sound of the first syllable of Joshua...
    it wasn't until i was 13, when i converted from a Christian to a Rastafarian, that it took on a prophetic meaning...
    i guess i was born to have long locks, and smoke a lot of Ganja...

    some good stories here...

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