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    Default getting back into painting

    hey guys

    well im starting to seriously get into painting and i started a mini today ( empire wizard ) and so far im quite happy with it, let me know what you guys think so far

    and this is a full size image ( on my 13inch screen )

    im aiming for a cold winter sort of scene

    any criticism would be appreciated



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    Nice start. You just have to blend a bit more some highlights.

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    more accurate pic .......

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    prty sweet start.... not much more to say rly
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    Not planning to put this one in the bin are you Sam?
    Pretty nice and subtle painting there, don't know if it's gonna standout or are you intending to have the inner cloak more subdued in comparison to the rest?
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    hahaha not if i can help it mike

    erm atm im not to worried on how the inner cloak looks as it will actually get covered quite a bit when the arms eventually get stuck on

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    Liking the cloak there .sam. The primer has given a texture that works really well for the fabric in my eyes and makes the blends go into the shades really well. I think a medium shade blue wash just over the top edge of the main two highlights would blend them in more as I think you've skipped over a previous colour in them which gives a very slight step effect.

    Looking forward to seeing it finished

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    any thoughts ?



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    I love the transition in the blue the blend is coming out perfectly. I think that you will need to get other colors that will offset the scene that you are trying to make. Using blue in a winter scene is nice and all but sometimes you need to mix it up to offset the cool colors that you use...

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    That's pretty good.

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