Any decent painting / modelling articles in WD these days?
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Thread: Any decent painting / modelling articles in WD these days?

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    Default Any decent painting / modelling articles in WD these days?

    Just wondering, as I need to brush up on some techniques and Eavy Metal guides might be a good place to start. I haven't bought WD for years, the most recent issues I have are the ones with the GDUK booklets (so one in 2005, 2006, 2007 iirc). During that time the painting articles were really poor (no offence to the authors), I think it was some sort of strategy to not write tutorials that could be offputting to first time painters. Or something along those lines. It's been years since I even flicked through a copy of WD. Are they still monthly catalogues costing £5?

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    They have a new, regular 'Eavy Metal column that goes into a rather good amount of detail for doing very complex techniques. The latest issue with the Blood Angels in it had a nice piece on painting NMM gold for the new Sanguinary Guard; I believe that Jahminis is using it for one of his projects, so that tells me that they're putting stuff out that even pros are finding useful.
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    I think WD has really improved its Eavy Metal Painting section in recent months. Would recommend you pick it up again. Its a good overall magazine for inspiration in general.

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    The tutorial about the sanguinor in the WD about Blood Angels is just fantastic. The Eavy Metal Masterclass articles are now really good and show different techniques so I advise you to buy again WD.

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    Mostly echoing what's been said already:

    The hobby articles in WD were really stinking for awhile, and they have a lot of basic newbie stuff that's not really of much use to most of us... but when they do have a good painting article lately it's been very good. Close up pictures, lots of stages, explainations, etc.

    I don't think I'd recommend starting up a subscription (still predominately promotional, and lots of useless battle reports), but definitely do a bit of research into which White Dwarf has what painting article and pick up the good ones. Those are certainly worth it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz is for losers View Post
    Any decent painting / modelling articles in WD these days?
    Yes and No.
    The Blood Angel Sanguinitor article is about the best I've seen in a while.
    To be honest cruising the web and looking on here in the WIP section will gain you more than buying the catalogue.
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    Just dropping in to speak on behalf of myself and the rest of 'eavy metal that were very glad people are finding the articles we do useful, we put a LOT of time and effort in to them and it's very nice to see that people can really gain something from them. More articles coming soon


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    That sounds cool. I'm impatient to see what all of you will show us. Also thank you for taking time to write masterclasses, they're really good.

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    @ Jazz is for losers, you looking for stuff on painting figs mostly or vehicles?


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    Glad to see that they are letting the EM team work to their full potential then. I had a feeling that the articles are getting better as they were praised highly by the mighty Tortoise in one of his blogs. I think I stopped reading WD just around the time you started working there Joe so the articles that annoyed me iirc weren't written by you. Probly by that hack Razza.

    Einion, mostly painting figures at 28mm (decided to give the bigger stuff a rest, going back to basics and trying to improve my technique) I plan on painting up a small army of WFB beastmen and Chaos warriors, so no vehicles for the moment, just rank and files with the odd large/huge beast interspersed.

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    The Eavy Metal team are the reason I pick up White Dwarf at the moment. I look at the pictures for the rest of it & skim over Standard Bearer on the whole. Recent painting articles have been good. The 2 part face painting one being the stand out for me. Step by steps on specific models have expanded enough to show what's going on too. It's rare to see anything painted in a personal rather than house style though, a variety I think it's a shame to have lost (from way back when).

    They do hint at more though. An Empire article had some great character pieces glued up by someone in the studio, but we didn't get to see them painted. The excellent Wizard EM comp didn't show unpainted versions of all the models so that we could see the conversion work involved. Looking at reader armies could be four pages long. EM comps every quarter. More looking at individuals collections & favourite pieces. More of the EM teams personal work.

    How about a look back feature? Focus on a single mini that appeared in an issue 25 years ago & have a current painter bring a modern paint job to a classic figure? Paragraph interview with each painter & the sculptor if possible?

    I'm bored now of squinting at the same old studio armies in the battle reports so that could save a few pages. Ban reproduction of any photo in a single issue. If you can't be bothered* to photo the figures from a different angle with a different paint job, don't put a second advert for the same blasted product in a single issue!

    Jazz, I wouldn't recommend subscribing without trying a few issues, it's not that improved yet. Do flick through it in the shop though. If the painting articles look good & you can afford a treat, pick up a copy. Cut out the good pages, put them in a binder, sorted!

    Cheers, B.

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