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    Especially for miniatures above 7, sometimes I am not sure what I want to give. An 8 is often too less, a 9 too high. Worst is with minis between 9 and 10. Is it possible to make something like the following?

    I don't know if the current database tables just allows integers or also floats, but the change should be a minor problem and improve voting on top minis. At least it would make me feel more comfortible by knowing, I voted something that is closer to my impression than one of those numbers with big difference.


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    If it is that important how about just voting twice? (7+8)/2 = 7.5.

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    I get hell bored of voting twice that often. Apart of that... with X.5 values, I could vote twice to give X.25 or X.75. Don't tell me I can do the same atm by voting 4 times.
    If some admin says its too hard to do it - fine. But from what I can guess, its a simple SQL-statement to change the valid range of voting numbers (if required at all) and a tiny bit of extra html - whereas your idea is like Microsoft: "You can do it, but ... you have to *lots of unrequired instructions here* and *more instructions*."
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