Has CMoN lost it's soul?
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Thread: Has CMoN lost it's soul?

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    Default Has CMoN lost it's soul?

    Hate to say it, but it seems that the last few months have been relatively....boring here on the forums.

    Don't get me wrong, there are certainly bright spots, but these forums don't seem to have the life they once had.

    Part of the reason, I'm sure, is lots of folks have moved onto other forums, or other lives, but does anyone have comments, or suggestions on this?

    Just curious.

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    i've been working a lot. don't worry vikey, i'll be around more now...

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    still around...just busy right now :P hehe

    I'm sure it will pick up. Most things happen with ups and downs as time goes on. forums probably the same way for many people.


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    All forums go through cyclic highs and lows. Did similar occur in previous years around this time? Just wondering if there's a thing where folk keep their heads down, painting in a frenzy for convention season.

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    I am not posting too much at all on any forums right now. It's actually been kind of a 12-step choice for me! I was spending WAY too much time in front of the computer and not enough time on the brushes. So I still poke my head around here but not near as much activity. I still see a post every now and again I'd like to "get into it" with but I often find myself turning the other eCheek and walking on. I do think I miss the big blow ups!

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    I don't post very often anyway but there does seem to be fewer new threads popping up. With that in mind I think I'll start a WIP thread for a miniature taking me so long through month long painting blocks that I probably need some outside opinions and kicks up the rear end to get it finished!

    I've chosen my side.

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    I've been pretty busy doing other stuff... and not busy enough painting minis! I miss it. Alas, wedding planning and other time-consuming life stuff has to take priority for the time being.

    The Mini Exchange forum is usually hopping, I noticed. Maybe when the current "crisis" has passed I'll join the next one to get back in the CMON pool

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    i agree with you jim, we used to have a lot of people on here who would start talking and enjoying the forums like roger and lizcam, highbulp billy, dl, and a ton of others but its true some of the soul has been lost. i stopped posting on here as much as i used to. its just that topics seem to be the same topics and general discussion doesnt have as many of the things we used to talk about. so here is one for you ol' buddy. im gonna post a few topics for you to look at and have some fun with.
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    Congrats NSA!

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    I guess folk move on to live non geeky lives. For me well, I've been busy...not that i used to post anything of interest anyway I do pop in every now and again but my painting brushes have moved house as they was sick of waiting for me to pick them up to paint something. My new buddies are sculpting tools, Mr pro create and Mrs magic sculp.

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    I think one of the biggest failings of CMON is the number of people who post pictures but never make it to the forums. It's the new guys that tend to give this place a little kick as they start asking questions - granted some of them are repeats. Maybe we've just become a sad lot who sit around and don't do anything anymore. We used to get pictures of trips and spider stories. Threads about breaking the law and marriages proposals. It is an off season though. I don't remember spring being this slow. Are we missing some competitions that would normally drive up traffic - Iron painter or golden toadstools? There hasn't been a group project lately either - the minis that were going around getting painted for charities and the like. Even a group painting thread has been missing - like shawn OSL thread.

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    How about organise some sort of CMON painting competition. I'm aware WAMP does a lot but that is not cool mini or not. I've seen a few in my years lurking and occasionally posting but they seem few and far between on this site!

    I've chosen my side.

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    @supervike, FWIW I think it's just part of a natural waxing and waning. Most forums go through lulls and it's not like it's quiet enough in here that we see tumbleweeds go past.

    @No Such Agency, congrats on the impending nuptials Allison!


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    Well don't know if it has anything to do with this thread, but...

    I came here looking for some of the reactions after GD FR 2010, expecting to see a 10 page long topic, and found ...nothing. Maybe I've been so removed from the forum that I don't know how to use the search fonction anymore!

    That might be symptomatic of a loss of enthusiasm?
    Threads also seem to have less OOT than before and ode digression into private jokes.

    But then again, considering my level of attendance these past months, I don't think I'm qualified to solve the mystery :P

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    I'll add my congratulations to NSA.

    For my part there was a little deliberate posting less here. I kind of want to have my five submissions before I hit 5000 posts, but as the last 6 months or so have shown, my painting is even slower now than before, as in I've done one day's painting in the last 6 months.

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    Has CMoN lost it's soul?

    Yes. Tagimoga stole it. Tercha stole the funk.
    Nosus decipio - We Cheat

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    Quote Originally Posted by frenchkid View Post
    Well don't know if it has anything to do with this thread, but...

    I came here looking for some of the reactions after GD FR 2010, expecting to see a 10 page long topic, and found ...nothing.
    There's a thread about French GD here:http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...French-GD-2010
    but it seems that most of the people posting here haven't been to GD so not much replies...

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    I don't know; maybe a little. It might have to do with all of the forum changes and maybe some people felt it just wasn't the same anymore.

    For me, I probably don't post as much as I used to (not that I ever did a lot in the first place), but I do still try to pop in at least once a day or so.

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    I just realized what I think I've been missing.....

    Yes, that's tit, I mean it! IT!

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