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    Court a glimpse of this in the hotel this morning not sure what channels they are going to show it on but it looked quite good

    Apparently by the makers of Band of Brothers.
    "Just goes to show - arseholes leave a bigger impression on our lives then nice people" - by Markus Tay

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    Ooo! Band of brothers is THE best series ever. This could be very awesome

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    I've caught a bit of it and seen the extended advert and it seems a bit cheesy to me. In the advert before he said it I knew the fella was going to say "we fight for freedom" or something like that.
    Plus there seems to be like a love story mixed into that which is a no no for me! :P

    I've chosen my side.

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    its on Sky (in HD too) watched the first episode - looks great got the next two to watch. Its a ten parter - 200m dollars in total
    and yeah it spielberg and hanks again

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    I was an instant fan of the band of brothers series, Pacific is along the same lines but don't expect all episodes to be action action, they have showed us things away from the front lines which was quite interesting. Currently on episode 6 which has got them deep into the jungle/mountain fighting.

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    Realised I could watch the repeats of Sky 3 on friday, but its already three episodes in. I will buy it on dvd when it comes out.

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