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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandlin View Post
    Thank You boristfrog - did i speak to you? so hard to remember all the faces.
    she was the girl there. that should narrow it down. only girl i saw in a dress thats for sure!

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    How do you get to use a cutting laser? I'm jealous. : (

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyBoy2k View Post
    As for the towers, I'll be looking. Question, though, will they be 'only'(no so damn only!) fantasy? Or will there be 40k-style too?
    DannyBoy2k - i refer you to my earlier comments about sci-fi and 40k.

    Certainly a (re)venture into sci-fi may well be on the cards in the future but i want to see how these initial kits are received at salute and then to do half a dozen different modular building kits so there is some flexibility in the twilight building range.

    If i do sci-fi though I am refusing to do Gothic Eagle and Skullz encrusted nonsense though!

    By all means if you like what you see then come and join my blog followers and leave comments and let me know what you'd like to see.
    I spoke to a number of women @ salute - note to self buy a shirt with BRANDLIN written across it so people can introduce themselves easier. I missed a LOT of people I've chatted to regularlyonline and spoke to others and we didn't know who we were!

    Shawn RL - I buy time on someone elses laser cutter. There are plenty of small companies about that have this kind of kit - its been used for cutting thin plywood structures for use in remote controlled aircraft for quite some time. Not all of them cut styrene though as its a bit more specialised and requires REALLY good fumes control.

    I get my kits done by Ian (geronimo) over at Fenris games.
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    I had this request by Private Message, and I've had a few similar over the last few weeks, so I thought it might make sense to answer it here rather than repeat myself

    Hey how's it going, that new laser cut kit looks great.

    I had big ideas of making some sci fi terrain that would slot into the old Necromunda bulk heads. It is proving a lot more difficult than I thought to cut plasticard though.

    I don't know much about the lasercutting process regarding costs or how it works etc but I do know it would be the ideal way to cut the shapes I want. I was wondering if you could give me some pointers

    Are there places that will cut stuff out for you? What version of CAD do you need to use for the designs?

    Thanks for any help you can give
    Firstly, I'm no expert. This is my first foray into lasercutting and i'm teaching myself with lots of helpful email from Ian (geronimo) over at Fenris Games who does the cutting for me.

    The process I have is this.

    I mock up the model I want to make in Google Sketchup. This is a very simple free easy to use intuitive 3D modeler. Its ideal for me to throw around and test various shapes to see what works from an aesthetic point of view. There are a lot of things this software wont do, and it doesn't have the necessary output to drive the laser cutter but its very fast for doing proof of concept stuff.

    I then copy the model into TurboCAD 17 Pro Platinum. This is just the software I have but any CAD package that outputs .dwg files will do.

    In fact most of this initial Pryn-Gul kit was done in the free download of AllyCAD which is simple enough for 2D work.

    Turbo Cad allows me to do things liek unwrap curved surfaces so I can do more complex curved shapes.

    Once the model is complete I draw the whole thing flat in 2D leaving about 2mm between each component and then draw in the 'tabs' that hold the components to the sprue.

    All of my files are organised around A4 sheet sizes so that they are cheap to post, but the laser cutter bed and the styrene sheet sizes are far bigger so I copy the A4 sheet kit across a bigger sheet and insert lines to cut out the A4 sheets.

    I then save this to a .dwg file. dwg is the AutoCad native file format and pretty much a standard in the CAD industry. email the file to fenris games and a few days later a pile of cut styrene appears in the post.

    There are plenty of tips and tricks i am learning as I go. The laser melts the styrene, whereas on other plastics and plywood it vaporises. This melting means that if you have too many cuts in the same area the material deforms as it can't disipate the heat fully. This means components less than a couple of mm across become impossible in this material. It also means that engraving the surface is possible but limited to simple score lines, trying to engrave text for example would just create small puddles of molten styrene.

    I wont go into any of the costs here - except to say that I buy time on the laser cutter at a fixed rate per hour. It's difficult to estimate the cutting cost of a kit as the number of cuts on the sheets and how many of them are curves or engravings makes a big difference. Also different providers have different rates.

    I hope some of that helps. I'll write a more thorough review of the process on my blog in time for those who are interested.


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    Last update for today...

    lots of people at salute suggested kits of building components and the slates/shingles drew a lot of positive comment so i'm going to make bits too, starting with complete sheets of shingles.

    this is a straight version of the geometyr i used to do this on the pringles tower.

    and work progresses on the next kit in the range.

    As always lots more detail and discussion on my blog
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    Whilst working out costings for the PrynGul Tower and shingles kits I finalised the composition of the the next Kit in the range.

    This is a stables/barracks. The idea being the double doors on the ground floor open into an enuk stables and the stairs lead to knight quarters or barracks area above the stables.

    LOTS more pictures from many angles and some more discussion on my blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandlin View Post
    This is a stables/barracks. The idea being the double doors on the ground floor open into an enuk stables and the stairs lead to knight quarters or barracks area above the stables.
    You don't think the poor eunuchs have been through enough that you need to keep them in a STABLE, too?!

    As for the sci-fi expect me to be able to remember things I've read earlier? Anyways, I'm looking with great interest at all that show in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyBoy2k View Post
    You don't think the poor eunuchs have been through enough that you need to keep them in a STABLE, too?!

    As for the sci-fi expect me to be able to remember things I've read earlier? Anyways, I'm looking with great interest at all that show in this thread.
    LOL.. Enuks are ridable bipedal beasts in the twilight setting. just like this one here. (not my paint job - it belongs to ben brownlie).

    The picture is a link to the Twilight section on the Forum of Doom. Twilight is sold by Hasslefree Miniatures there.

    and thank you for the interest DannyBoy... i hope t have release news soon...

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    I'm waiting for the first production batch of building kits to be cut and turned my attention to the Assembly Instructions. I've tried to make these detailed and complete (click the link for the full pdf.

    here's a sample

    hopefully in 2 weeks i'll have the kits for sale.

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    And then you'll start work on some Sci-Fi or Modern?????

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    nag nag nag...

    maybe... but not yet...

    tempt me - what did you have in mind supervike?
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    Thank you for all the positive comments and suggestions that have been left on this thread, and helped me to get this small venture up and running.

    I can now announce that the first batch of my kits is now available on ebay.
    I also have a few sheets of slate/ shingle kits available to help scratch builders.

    Full details of the kits, comprehensive assembly instructions and work in progress pictures and discussion of new kits is available on my blog. You're all welcome to come and pass comment.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandlin View Post
    nag nag nag...

    maybe... but not yet...

    tempt me - what did you have in mind supervike?
    Well, I like the idea of using everyday household items, supplemented by a kit to turn it into some sweet terrain.

    Spray paint can lids turned into a small storage tank? Other kits to make a chemical/industrial kit.

    Something to attach to a shoebox that converts it into a sci-fi modular building. (maybe something like the trailer in Avatar)

    As far as modern goes....hmm. That's tougher. Water towers? Post boxes, garbage cans?

    But, understandable that you want to concentrate on the Twilight stuff right now.

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    Just a teaser picture of the paint job on the roof of the new stables kit. The rest of the model is painted, just the grain on the extensive amount of woodwork to go!

    I'm hoping to finish this and have the snags on the kit corrected and available by the start of July. I'll be offering pre-orders on this kit in the next couple of weeks.

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    These kits are of, visually, top notch quality. It's something I'd buy without a flinch, if I played any fantasy themed games. So I'm going to go join the "sci-fi"-crew and wait patiently for you to dish out more awesomeness. If you play your cards right this idea of yours is going to make you top dollahs. It's one of those things that's so obvious that it requires a struck of genius to see it. Atleast as far as I know there's nothing like it on the market, no that my knowing is much to go by.

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    The sample looks just great! The grain around that one window is very convincing. I'll bet it'll be a pain to finish that on the whole thing though
    I'm very interested to see the final presentation of the kit, what'll be included and so forth.
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    Thank you Pate and Solun Decius.

    In case you weren't aware this is the second model in the range. The first is available to buy, and you can see the effect of the grain everywhere on the demo model pictures

    Details of the kits, components, assembly instructions, hints and tips and painting guide are all available from my blog. Click the link.

    Laser Cut Building Kits

    To answer your questions about the contents of this kit Solun, two sheets of A4 laser cut styrene, a length of tube for the central roof pole, and the styrene rod for the railing uprights. You provide the pringles tube.
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    I completed the paint job on the display model and took the promotional pictures this morning

    Voting link

    More, and bigger pictures on my Blog.

    I thought you might like this teaser picture of the current models and prototypes all together

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    excellent stuff
    My Gallery <IMG SRC=> Paragon Studios

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