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    I finally finished my Dread from the Black Reach box. He was my first attempt at salt masking, weathering pigments, and creating custom water transfers. He's also the first mini I used my airbrush on... a lot of firsts on this guy! The base was a custom sculpt. I spent a lot of time looking for interesting road paint patterns and found what you currently see on the base- I thought the idea of a Dread using the crosswalk to be rather humorous.

    I'm planning on using this same paint scheme on the rest of the marines in my AoBR box when I'm able to get around to them. They'll just have less weathering.

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    i would just like to say this is by far your best piece thus far. you have managed to get some amazing colors and variations with this piece. your blending is starting to show great leaps and bounds and this is what i like to see. someone who really keeps improving as they get more and more advice from the community and takes it to heart. a solid 8 from me. cheers

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    Very good stuff.

    I think if you could give a smidge more definition, especially on the edges, it may have some more pop.

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    supervike hit her on the head, a wee bit more definition weak wash into the nooks n crannies should polish it off nicely. coolio.

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    aye what they said, esp vikey. good work!

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    I like it, very Chris Clayton-esque feel to the piece.

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    @Uber- thank you so much, that means a lot!

    @supervike - I have to do another coat of varnish to make the pigments stick, so I'll try to add this in overtop of the varnish to really finish it off.

    @heniosha - Yep, Chris' Ultramarine was my inspiration. I used the same paints for the blue and borrowed other inspiration from him, like doing the custom transfers. I'm planning on doing my entire Black Reach set this way.

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    It looks great! I thought it would be a so-so piece after I saw some WIP pics but it turned out amazing.
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    Solid dread you have there. The weathering looks pretty good. I remember seeing the WIP thread for this guy. Only room for improvement I see is on the banner, the sculpting looks a little flat to me.

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    Somehow my original picture was removed, so I had to upload it again. Here's the new voting link.

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    The banner is awsome, it looks like it was stiched on. The weatherinf where you have showed the metal all the way through looks a little meh, but it's better than anything I can do.
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