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Thread: Removing paint and glue off of resin

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    I have some forge world Elysian resin troopers that I want to removing paint and glue off? What's the best way to do this without destroying/messing up the models?

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    You should try to get your hands on NITRO OXYGEN... This or a "normal" freezing spray... Dip the Minis is it... The rapid shrienk and expansion might be enough to bust small cracks into the Acrylic paint... Then you can remove it simply by chipping the colors like flakes off...

    Try it...^_^... The Risk is 100% on your side, hehe...

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    I paint a lot of large scale resin models (even some that are pre-painted statues that I strip). I use Super Clean ... it's an engine degreaser that you can find in many hardware stores in the US. It works really well and has never harmed any of the resin figures I've stripped with it. Get a bucket big enough to hold what you are stripping fill it w/ the Super Clean ... most paint will come off after a few hour soak and a little time w/ a toothbrush to get the paint out of the cracks and crevices. Good luck.

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