Any Dark Eldar rumors and or new minis.
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Thread: Any Dark Eldar rumors and or new minis.

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    Default Any Dark Eldar rumors and or new minis.

    I've been playing the Dark Eldar since they came out. Anyone with legitimate rumors and or links or pictures please post here.

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    The Codex is probably the next in the schedule after the Spearhead extension. No pictures of "new" minis have spread yet, although it is said that the entire range was re-done. Some sketch models had been shown on various events, but its unknown if they will be released or if they had been only concepts:
    Somewhere exists an image of concept-art for the new layout of the transporters, but haven't seen this one.

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    Well.. i spoke to Jervis at Salute and when i mentioned i was a dark eldar player he had a little grin and then said "Well your going to be happy, but not for a little while yet. But when you do see them, they'll blow your socks off"

    I guess that kind of puts them nearer to the october timeslot that was suggested for them.

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    A SoCal source supposedly in the know with GW told me that the codex has gone to print, which would line up with our seeing it by the end of the year. June=Spearhead, July,August=New Warhammer, Maybe Sept.=Dark Eldar...

    That's as early as I would guess that we might see them.

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    my source has end of the year or october for the codex and most of the minis coming out through the rest of the year in 2011. i have seen some pics, no i wont tell you where i saw them.... but the jetbikes are defo great. and the regular soldiers are soooo much more sleaker than before. no more fitzpatrick 6 pack on women.
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    well id say not for a while now that deamons have been announced. im thinking that almost leads to new deamon hunter release befor year end

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    I am leaning towards October

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbolt View Post
    well id say not for a while now that deamons have been announced. im thinking that almost leads to new deamon hunter release befor year end
    Rumors are quite contradictory at the moment. But I believe GrayKnights are pushed back to January 2011, leaving room for the so-crying Dark Eldar players at the end of this year. That's what my most reliable source said... we'll see.

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    Harry over at warseer has been saying greyknights in jan for a while, nobody has listened to him though as they all got caught up in the rumour mill... however he is stating DE for an autumn release, probably around gamesday, which makes september/october.

    He's also a fantasy only player, but says the range is so good he will start 40k just for them.

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    ya i play DE too. they definatly need it. although sisters /DH are getting pretty bad now too

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    DH were never good. i started them as an army but they were sooo very weak compared to other forces. very expensive and just as easy to crack as a regular marine. meh. turned me off to the game, and i havent looked back since.

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    That was relevant...thanks!

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